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  1. Haha the ghost story

    Form the unfortune of the present  owner, this happend really. I do have several scars from the friendly blade. Before this, I called all the legends, as we say in  german "Mumpitz" , or in english nonsens.  Nowadays. being  gray int he beard, i do know that there is a glimpse of truth in those legends.  I cant understand why´, but  to deny those experience, it does not make sence also.

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  2. Sengo Muramasa. Over two decades ago i bought  a blade by this smith. It has been pretty cheap. At  the moment of buying I did not  know the reason for  the low price.

    I learned the reason  very fast....Each time I handeld  the blade it  cut me deeply.  At this time I did  have over decade experience with sharp nihonto. Therefore it has been  very unusual for me to be cut by an blade.

    A year later, I sold the blade , pretty cheap. 

    Afterwards  I called the old owner if did have made the  same  experience with this nice sword. The answer ? Of course , it was yes. Therefore  he sold it  so cheap.

    Years  later  , I ve been told that  the  man to whom  I sold it, also sold the blade pretty cheap after a year....

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  3. Im Zweifel, einfach eine neue Shriasaya machen lassen und die alte als Dokument bewahren. Aber niemals, unter  keinem Umstand  an der Kalligraphie  herumfummeln. Auch nicht von einem  Profi.Warum ? Es gibt z.:B  zu viele  gefälschte Sayagaki. Also lieber alt und echt , als den den Nimbus der Fälschung durch  Auffrischung. 



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