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  1. This  museum  is a great  oppotunity to learn. I have  been pleased  severals  days  before  to select the  blades which would be shown. I have  never been  before  in the  museum.   I can  only say  great,  mindblowing. I m  listend  to  Mr  Bowman carefully. He gave  an great  lecture. My heart  was  pounding while listing. Did  I explain nonsens  to Peter Janssen  before hand ? ? For  god I did not. 

    It was also  also  a great  pleasure for me to see and  to meet several  people, some  old  friends, and  some  new friends  so I do  hope.

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  2. Just  back  from the  museum. After  several  hours  of  watching  only the finest  quality armour  and  swords +  kodogu I can  say : Wow,  unbelivable. In now  over  30 years  of studies in this field  I never saw such  a collection  before. The  owner  Mr Jansen is also a real great  gentlemen of  old  style; kind ,modest and generous. I was allowed to handle so many wonderfull  blades in hand in a  private  session  wich lastet  several hours. I can  only  say if someone wants  to study realy  high class items, this ist the  place to go to.

  3. This is a massive, healthy sword in a very good polish and a nice lenght. Look at the old shirasya. Someone take care over a long time on it. 

    Look for a gendaito in such condition and you will pay more then 2200 US-Dollar. This is not a bad deal and why not tokubetsu hozon? 

    The  blade  is not  of  high  quality for  Nagamitsu , therefore it will  never  receive TH. I handeld  severeal  Nagamitsu

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