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  1. Very strange. This guy has never had a piece on sell valued more than 2k USD. And papers for the sword are lost... How did come that he's got a sword from the prince wedding? He was unlucky with his family life? )) Sorry for kidding, but too many questions Yury
  2. By the way, where did you buy it? Does this forum have some black list of unreliable shops or anything like this?
  3. Dear all, I am very happy to join this forum, where I hope to find new friends, knowledge and inspiration for nihonto studies. I live in Moscow, Russia and have had different personal, business and sport ties with Oriental countries for a long time. I'm very interested in nihonto and currently hold just two pieces - a gendaito tanto of Akihide and a Yamashiro Hasebe katana of Nanbokucho era. Hope to encrease this collection in the future with your help and advice! )) Regards, Yury
  4. lawlord

    Akihide tanto

    Thank you, Eric! Of course, guys could me mislead by first bad quality photos. And I think we have to ignore immature comment from reinhard which only demonstrates his level of education and exasperation. I have no commercial interests as far as this tanto is not for sale. I just wanted more experienced people to share their opinions and information relevant to it. I think that's the purpose this message board is created for. Regards, Yury
  5. Hello! Please help to translate this inscription on Akihide tanto. Thank you! Yury
  6. lawlord

    Akihide tanto

    Can you please translate the inscription? Regards, Yury
  7. lawlord

    Akihide tanto

    Can you please comment on the horimono symbolic meaning? Is it a Hoo bird, and is true that by tradition not every master was allowed to picture it? Regards, Yury
  8. Hi! I'm thinking about koshirae for this Nanbokucho sword (Hasebe school). Please share your opinion about what style, colour and type of saya, tsuba and other staff would fit it best. I'm currently thinking of a red lacquer saya and dark metal tosogu with katana style koshirae. But I lack an experience in making a tosogu set. So professional advice is very welcome! Thank you! Yury
  9. lawlord

    Akihide tanto

    Yes, it was on sale, now I've purchased it Regards, Yury Emelin
  10. lawlord

    Akihide tanto

    Hello, guys! Please have a look at this tanto which is said to be made by Kurihara (Akihide) Hikosaburo with horimono by his disciple Abe Akitada. Any comments and opinions are welcome! Yury
  11. Hello! We are making a koshirae for Nanbokucho era daito. For that purpose we use this Tokubetsu Hozon tsuba. Need to find good menuki and other staff to fit it. Thank you for any interesting suggestions!
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