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  1. werner

    genuine nakago?

    ...by the way the nakago doesn't have this strange line...must just be on the pics....entirly happy and hoping that I could get his katana brother one day... Jock
  2. werner

    genuine nakago?

    Hi Mark & Peter, I received it and it's heaps better than I hoped....and I know now why you love these blades....cutting edge over 50cm wide blade and beefy as with no flaws (small surface scratches in approx 1x1cm at the point that is all) thought you might like some pics... Jock
  3. werner

    koto katana?

    Hi Keith, Yeap East Coast - we're lucky our house is on a hill but my wife, who's a nurse, she got flooded in 2x and got stuck in the hospital once for 4 days the other time for 2 days.......one of our neighbours wasn't this lucky and his house didn't only get flooded once but 3 times in the last 1 1/2 years - his big fridge freezer was found 400 meters down the road - you can imagine what this did to the rest of the house..... To answer your question - yes it's one of mine and the pitting looks a lot worse on the pic than it really is....there are no nicks openings hagire etc the only thing is a 1.5mm x 2mm blister.....and the nakago problem.... Jock
  4. werner

    koto katana?

    ....kissaki - ladies and gentlemen - kissaki - I meant.....my world was a little bit "upside down" today.... Jock
  5. werner

    koto katana?

    ...thank you all for the input/information above. My sincere apology for the delay in posting pics of the nakago....see below. Thanks heaps! Jock
  6. werner

    koto katana?

    Hi, Just wanted to hear what you guys think about this one? I had a seperate post discussing a broken nakago - if you look at the nakago you can see why I was interested in starting the other post... Sori: 16 mm Cutting edge: 67 cm Nakago: 20 cm thickness at habaki: 8mm thickness at yokoto: 5mm width at habaki: 32.5mm width at yokoto: 21 mm Silver foil habaki - 1 small blister I don't know what else would be of interest...please ask Thanks for your opinion. Regards, Jock PS: I posted some pics but will delete some after a while...
  7. Hi Andrew, My pleasure....I had exactly the same thoughts....not exactly the average size....guess that no workshop has a setup to do this....heating/cooling/ etc...working on it must be like a marathon...must be about 5 min walking time to go from the nakago to the kissaki.....try to hide this one in a boot when you go for battle... It must have been a lot of work just to prepare for the production.... Jock
  8. ....see below....that is the problem.... Jock
  9. Hi, Just came across the "longest Odachi" in (I guess the world) Japan....what would be the purpose of such a thing? Displaying the artists ability? Shrine? http://japantrip.tripod.com/nodachi/norimitsu.html Don't thing that this would be classified as a "consealed weapon".... ) Jock
  10. ....thanks Reinhard....is almost exactly what I came up with....only difference in my interpretation was: -"Pass this DOOR and you'll never even know you've been here" - spoke to somebody who thought it might be a Masamune blade on which the artist put a gimei as he wanted to use some more kanji than usually on this blade....you can buy it for $15 + postage $75.000 (learned that of ebay) Jock
  11. Hi Alan, My apology...the previous statement was wrong...there is a mei....see link: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=9382&p=77755#p77755 Jock
  12. ...please ignore the colour and the square bits...copied/pasted/corrected..... Jock
  13. Hi, I received a sword and it has the mei that you can see in the pic below.....it took me 5 hours looking at it with a torch from all angles to come up with the result below....please excuse any mistakes the mei is so faint that I though first it hasn't got one.... Thanks heaps! Jock
  14. ...thanks for your help/opinion! Jock
  15. ...at this point I fell on my bed and started crying....... Jock
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