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  1. Ah, thanks for letting me know. I hope John is ok and nothing bad has happened.
  2. I'm having a hard time getting in touch with John Kurata, does anyone have any up to date contact details for him please?
  3. BenVK

    Unsigned Katana

    Hi Georg, I think your friend is correct, pre war 1920's/30's Could be traditionally forged judging by all the little kitae-ware. Nothing special unfortunately.
  4. No of course not. Kiyomitsu from Kaga blades are known for being no nonsense cutters which is why I mentioned it. Anyway, it's sold now via facebook.
  5. Offered for sale is this Katana signed Kiyomitsu. Judging by the unique nakago shape called "Kashu Nakago", he was from Kaga province and I estimate made circa 1700. It has a single bo-hi on one side, double bo-hi on the other that terminate at just over a quarter of the length of the blade.The hamon is Suguha and narrow, typical of Kiyomitsu. Nagasa is 70.7cm. Blade is in decent condition but does have a few kitae-ware, fortunately all within the shinogi-ji and nowhere else. These openings in the cladding are old, purely cosmetic and look a lot worse in close up photos than in reality. This is a no nonsense cutter and has a hefty feel and weight to it. Koshirae is a mixture of old and modern parts and nothing special, just functionable. It seems the tsuka ito has been varnished. Tsuba is old iron though and quite nice. Please judge the fittings for yourself as I'm not that knowledgeable about them. Looking for £1000 or very nearest offer. Trades also welcome. I can post worldwide but price will be dependent on what shipping service you want, insurance etc. Please feel free to ask for more photos. Cheers Ben
  6. I thought you guys might like to see some of the very nice Japanese items sold in the recent Zacke auction. I wanted lot 39, the bronze kestrel but it went for way over my budget! 😪 https://www.zacke.at/auction/search/?au=16&sd=1
  7. I think that's a great idea Chris and you should do it! There are very few really good youtube videos which discuss Nihonto in detail.
  8. At first I was ready to dismiss this guy as a giggling buffoon but he's actually very smart. For some reason which I don't fully understand, sharpening kitchen knives is incredibly popular right now and there's a big market for the associated products like wet stones. This Ryky guy has very cleverly tapped into this and got 205,000 youtube subscribers, 13,692 facebook followers and 671 patrons paying him a minimum of $4.50 each, that's over $3000 a month to make a few videos. Let's say he attracts 1000 new patrons to watch the katana auction video, that's another $4500 and there's also a gofundme campaign to replace his "stolen" gear which has got a target of $25K and it wouldn't surprise me if he gets that.
  9. Hi Paul, what I was trying to say was the ware on the kissaki does seem to have exposed the core.
  10. I don't see any evidence of Jizukare in the photos provided. There are kitae-ware which have exposed the core steel but that's a different thing entirely and not due to over polishing. In fact, judging by this kitae-ware on the kissaki and how deep it goes before reaching the core, there should be plenty of skin steel left on this blade.
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