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  1. It looks to me like it's got many years worth of uchiko powder stuck in the open hada.
  2. Is Louis Skebo still polishing? might be worth contacting him to ask.
  3. Absolutely 100% correct! I strongly believe that no one has the right to publicly interfere with a forum sales thread unless there's a very good reason, for example warning others of a fake item or fraudulent seller. Even if that were the case, there's still a right and wrong way to go about it. The right way would be to write something along the lines of "I have concerns about this item and/or seller" and then asking Brian to step in. I personally think it's outrageous that a sale was interfered with simply because that sword did not meet that particular persons standards, criteria, benchmarks or whatever you want to call it. That was more than not cool, that was unacceptable and I'm glad to see that the comments were removed. I've suggested this before but why not just ban all replies on the sales section of this forum? (unless it's to warn others as I wrote above) That goes for all the "beautiful blade!!" and "what a bargain, wish I had the money" replies as well. Get rid of them all and we will have less drama and a quieter life for Brian which can only be a good thing.
  4. Thanks for the replies, I was thinking early Shinto myself.. Adam, that's interesting that you mentioned the Ito because along the the engraving, that was the other reason why I bid, It's outstanding work in my opinion which also drew me in. Hardware is/was silver plated so clearly a rather expensive setup back in the day. Tusba is carved and original to it but again, just my opinion based on fit and patina. Here's a photo of the Menuki, hard to say what flowers they are but they have gold highlights.. Kosuka definitely doesn't belong with this set up but I'm not complaining..
  5. I took a chance on this Wakizashi from a UK auction recently as it looked quite interesting due to the Tokkotuki-Ken and a Fudo Myoo bonji engravings. Condition is worse than I expected with numerous chips out of the cutting edge and a blister on the edge of the Bo-Hi but it could be restored if it's worth going down that road. The Habaki will take some work to get it off so I haven't tried yet. What's do you guys think of it?
  6. Hira zukuri and bo-hi?, that's very unusual for a katana.
  7. I would definitely not recommend DHL. I've had problems with them recently with parcels going AWOL and one was returned to me without an explanation. They weren't swords but they were valuable collectible items and I paid for express shipping which was expensive. It took several phone calls to sort out their mess and get a refund and I'll never use them again. The returned item I shipped again with UPS with absolutely no issues at all.
  8. In my experience, most other forums, WAF etc don't allow this kind of selling which is why I was puzzled. Thanks for clarifying that it works differently here.
  9. I sent an offer at 6.53am this morning but have now been told that the current highest bid is 1700 euro. I didn't realise that members are allowed to run their own private auctions on this forum!
  10. That could work, I've used a few of the "man with a van" type couriers for stuff like TV's in past and they were pretty good.
  11. Problem with insurance of any kind is that you won't know how good it is until you have to make a claim. I just discussed this with my missus, she sells a lot of random stuff on ebay and used to insure the more expensive items. Not anymore though because she said that Royal Mail made it so difficult for her to make a claim that she gave up in end. Apparently they wanted photos of the item, photos of the parcel, dimensions of the parcel, proof of the item value, receipts etc, the list went on and on...
  12. It's always been an inconsistent mess with Royal Mail and UK customs also. I recently had a sword delivered from Japan and was a bit surprised there was no customs fee to pay because the tracking said that customs had it for over a week. A few days after it arrived, I got a letter from customs asking me to pay the VAT and clearance fee! I'm now wondering whether to pay it or not.. In regards to insurance, I don't think it's worth buying it as I've never heard of anyone being successful making a claim with Royal Mail or USPS or DHL etc They charge a lot for insurance as well, actually it's extortionate! That's why I think using a third party company like the one I gave a link to is the way to go in the future. For example, they only want 6 euro to insure a £1000 item. Parcelforce will charge you 50 quid for the same thing.
  13. Swords, knives and weapons of any kind are prohibited by Royal Mail/Parcelforce. However, some post office staff are ignorant of their own rules and will accept a sword but I highly doubt it will be insured even if they let you pay for that. For that reason I tell them it's something else such as a golf club or telescope and don't bother with insurance. I always wrap a sword in cling film first, then bubble wrap and then place in a heavy duty cardboard tube. Touch wood, I've never had a problem with damage even when one time, the tube had clearly taken a big hit. If you're not willing to risk it without insurance then all I can think of is to use Fedex but that will obviously be expensive. Or, you could buy insurance from a third party like this company. I've not used them myself yet but their reviews are pretty good. https://www.secursus.com
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