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Special Order Shibata Ka Katana

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#1 raymondsinger



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Posted 28 December 2018 - 09:17 PM

Listing a rare and important gendaito by Shibata Ka. He was a very special smith, being in a unique position of being able to study masterworks at leisure within his own collection and was subsequently able to reproduce the jigane of Kamakura jidai works to a remarkable degree. Shibata Ka has been my favorite gendai smith for a long time, and I would have put him (in my own opinion) as the overall best until I was able to study some very exceptional blades by Tsukamoto Okimasa. Darcy has a wonderful write-up on this smith on his website, so I will include a link here.




This sword is an exceptional piece done in So-den Bizen with a brilliant choji/gonome-midare hamon having kinsuji running in parallel strands throughout. There is much depth of activity, with ashi, yo, etc descending to the edge. The sword is 68cm in length with a 31mm moto-haba and 6.5mm kasane. Due to my interest in this smith, I have made a point to study his work whenever possible. This is now the 8th example I have been able to study, along with 3 other katana and 4 tanto. Sadly, this blade has two kizu which unfortunately seems to be common in his work. He was generally self taught and the presence of kizu in his work is discussed in Tamio Tsuchiko's reference on gendai smiths. In the case of this blade, there is a kitae-ware w/ small fukure in the hamon (shown here) and a second small fukure under the nakago (I will upload an additional photo). The sword is an overall very good state of polish. It is in shirasaya with koppamaki and has a solid silver habaki. It has a patriotic dedication on the nakago along with the name of the individual who ordered this sword. It is dated a lucky day in the 8th month of 1942.


PSX_20181216_174119.jpg PSX_20181216_174152.jpg PSX_20181216_174018.jpg PSX_20181216_174043.jpg PSX_20181216_204309.jpg PSX_20181216_203911.jpg PSX_20181216_204014.jpg PSX_20181216_201834.jpg PSX_20181216_201301.jpg PSX_20181216_201920.jpg PSX_20181216_201610.jpg PSX_20181216_201701.jpg PSX_20181216_201401.jpg PSX_20181220_090808.jpg PSX_20181223_054946.jpg PSX_20181216_205419.jpg PSX_20181216_205514.jpg PSX_20181216_211404.jpg PSX_20181216_203740.jpg

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Posted 28 December 2018 - 11:10 PM

Pretty amazing jihada & hamon in a Gendaito.

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Ken Goldstein


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#3 Valric


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Posted 09 January 2019 - 12:49 PM

Good sword from great smith at an excellent price. I've never seen that king of activity in a Gendaito. It's frankly quite amazing to see such kinsuji, ara-nie and crisp jigane. Shibata ka had the luxury of time on his hands, he wasn't forced to produce things that would sell for a quick buck. This is an art sword and it shows. 

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Chris H. 

#4 raymondsinger



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Posted 11 March 2019 - 07:00 PM

The Shibata Ka has been withdrawn by the owner, who intends to have the piece given a new polish in Japan. Please archive this post.


Thanks all who looked at this piece...


Kind regards,


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