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Requesting translation of Hakogaki

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Hi there veteran board members and translators,


I recently picked up a new Tsuba and am looking to have the hakogaki translated to see if I can get more information about the Tsuba itself, the school of craftsmanship or the period of its manufacture. I have already attempted to see what I could find out through image to text translation and that was somewhat informative, but there were sections that could not be translated this way.


From what I could gather, it depicts Benkei at Gojo Bridge (knew this from the original listing) from the Noh play Ataka which was popular during the Edo Period along with numerous Kabuki spin-offs. The hakogaki also appears to confirm the round iron base and brass fittings/decoration which matches the Tsuba itself. Catalogued in 1980?


If anyone with better Japanese language skills is able to translate the rest it would be much appreciated!


Here are some images of the Hakogaki and the Tsuba itself:

Benkei Hakogaki.jpg

Benkei Tsuba.jpg

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The theme is not Benkei at Gojo Bridge, but Ataka-no-seki.

Ref. Kabuki in Komatsu: Ataka-no-Seki - Ishikawa - Japan Travel



古鐔 – Old tsuba

「安宅」真鍮据紋 – “Ataka”, brass suemon

阿部行人氏より – From Mr. Abe Yukihito

昭和五五年秋 – Showa 55th year (1980), autumn



丸形 鉄地 – Round shape, iron base

安宅ノ関眞鍮 – Ataka no seki, brass

高彫象嵌 – Takabori, inlay

(峯山蔵 – Property of Mineyama) – I’m unsure.

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