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Kamakura period 1280 Sword

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Dear Anthony.


Please forgive me for making some assumptions but here goes.  You might do better to check the original website here, https://kyodaioriginals.nl/shop/  If you are interested then negotiating with the seller might do you a better deal than via an auction platform.


However, your comment, ' Looks great for that old', suggests that you are perhaps not too familiar with this field and maybe don't recognise that this sword will have been skilfully re polished by an experienced Japanese restorer and fitted with  in shira saya, which is how Japanese swords are maintained and collected.  The sayagaki by a well known expert is a nice addition.  Your question mark after the phrase 'unsigned' also suggests that you might not know that tachi from this period are almost always shortened by moving the tang up the blade, you can't shorten from the tip because you lose the hardened edge in the boshi.  Thus a great many tachi lose their signatures in this way and the seller has elected to call it a katana because of this.  The NBTHK papers are a well regarded way to confirm the original maker.


(As an aside, and nothing to do with the sword itself, I am always a little hesitant about those who sprinkle capital letters throughout their item descriptions as if they somehow add weight to the statements.)


Once again please forgive me if I have made too many assumptions but if you are considering this kind of outlay it would be as well to be informed.


All the best.

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Yes, Thank you Geraint. I am new and just started learning. I did see the list of suggested books to read and will start there. Thanks for the "unsigned" explanation. There is so much  to learn and so much history. It's amazing. This is out of my range, but hope to start low and work my way up. 

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