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Sword Sale Template - Sellers Please Note


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You guys asked for it, so after much research on how to do this easily and user friendly, I came up with the idea of using the reply template feature to draft up a template for people who want to sell swords here.
This should make things easier for both sellers and buyers.
Note that I cannot make each category mandatory, as some sellers won't have all the answers, but we will ask all sellers to please try and fill in as many of these as they can.

When listing swords for sale, please look for the little lightning bolt at the top of the listing box. Clicking that will give you a list of all emplate replies that I have set up. So far, there is only one other...Handling....aside from the Sword Sale one we are talking about here.
Clicking Sword Sale will pre-fill in all the details necessary to complete.
Please try and answer as many of those as you can.

This is a trial, and I will update the template based on replies and feedback. If anyone wants to work on templates for other items like tsuba etc, you can pm me. I think these will be handy in the future.
See the pic below of what to click, and below that, the template as it will appear. Thanks all.




Type (Tachi, Katana, Wakizashi, Tanto, Naginata, Other)
Ubu, Suriage or O-Suriage
Mei : (Mumei, Signature) :  
Papered or not and by whom?
Shirasaya, Koshirae or Bare Blade?
Nagasa/Blade Length
Hamon Type
Other Hataraki Visible
Sword Location
Will ship to
Payment Methods Accepted
Price and Currency

Other Info and Full Description




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