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Soden Bizen utsuri and relation to Soshu

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Just wanted to know Generally if utsuri was found in Soshu works. I understand that the forging temperatures have a determining effect with heavy nie formation with Soshu and Soden Bizen being able to achieve a light utsuri effect. I guess what I am asking with my limited knowledge is can you use utsuri to to generally distinguish or Rule out one school from the other.

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George there are many different forms of utsuri. It can and does appear in most koto schools in one form or another. Most typically it is associated with Bizen work. This is generally, but not always either midare utsuri or bo-utsuri.

You also have nie utsuri which is most commonly seen in Yamashiro work and some Soshu pieces. Jifu associated with Ko-Aoe, Shirrake with Mino and later Yamato.

So as you can tell it is a complex and variable subject. There is a lot written about it and a search both here and more generally on the web may offer more insight.


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Thank you Paul for the information. Yes I now understand that is a complex and variable subject and more specific to the smith and particular characteristics of their different working styles than the broad generalization of the school as a whole. 

                  Respectfully,  George 

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