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wakizashi date?

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so bought this  blade has bad polish looks like they took a  buffing weel  it has  flaws etc but the nakago has not been messed with i  believe this was a World War II bring back but cant date the blade looks muromachi but cant tell  not trying to fix it but get a date on it  hamon is slightly  visible blade is  tired but if i can get a rough date on it .Micah






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it kinda does remind me of my muromachi example and kinda look like #5 and #6b(muromachi). I don’t know enough to weigh in. But I’m sure photos without the habaki, and over head, including the nakago would help others. Also Nagayama’s book says kasane is useful for attribution so would help if we had a photo of the mune. Not sure if I’m just paranoid but the nakago looks odd somehow.

It’s a shame when eBay vendors break their stuff with a buffing wheel. I made the mistake of buying from someone this forum warned amateur polished/acid washed his wares. He used low res photos hiding damage and promised me it was okay. Needless to say I regretted it and should have listened to the warnings here.



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well dont have it in hand yet so cant really get better photos as of now but will when it comes i thought it looked muromachi has flaw but here is a full mune pic 

Screenshot_20210530-135227_Samsung Internet.jpg

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On 5/30/2021 at 2:06 PM, AntiquarianCat said:

I wonder if the buffing wheel guy made the kasane thinner than it should be?

what do you think about it?

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