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Koboshi on the koshimaki

Luc T

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6 hours ago, Bugyotsuji said:

They appear to include the mabisashi. Is there a flat join between the mabisashi and the koshimaki?

no Piers, a standing ridge.

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Not that this helmet is anything like the same age, but I have a helmet with a re-used Nambokucho bowl that has two rows of prominent hoshi around the koshimaki. Being that age, the koshimaki is joined at the back. Just above the join in the koshimaki, through the back-plate, are two small holes side by side that no longer seem to have a purpose but must have had originally. 

Ian Bottomley

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The kabuto shed a "Kashû-feeling".

On the other hand, we know such prominent rivets on koshimaki by later Myôchin works. For example: Munemasa, Muneyasu, Munenao, Munesada or Munetake...


No question, an interesting helmet!

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