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8 Plates Kabuto for ID


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Hello all.

I bought this helmet a few years ago and I can't find any information about its particular shape.
I did find some examples for riders with a raised edge but none with flat edges.
So I would like to know the name of this type of helmet and the period when this shape was common.

any information on this type of helmet would be welcome.

best cerjak

8 plates iron jingasa in.jpg

8 plates iron jingasa2.jpg

8 plates iron jingasa.jpg

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Hi Cerjak,


like Geraint suggested, it’s an Jingasa. A lesser common shape, though! Temporally assigned to the Edo period (hard to narrow down...). The mon in front is called “Maru ni chigai-takanoha” (crossed hawk feathers in a ring). Probably “Asano” family.....who knows!?


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HI UWE and Gerain ,

Thank you for the information and the link.
The majority of the Jingasa that I found had a curved front edge and were described as a rider's helmet, but I did find some wooden Jingasa, but only one with this metal construction with this bowl shape and especially with the straight edge described as" tetsu bajo gasa ",is it the right description for thisshape of  Jingasa?


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Hi Cerjak,


your helmet is, strictly spoken, not a "Bajo Jingasa" (see example below)!






For the time being, you could call it "鉄八枚張陣笠" (Tetsu 8 maibari Jingasa)....

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