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New guy second sword


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Okay I done did it now. Bought a second one. Another ebay sword, it has its issues, but appears to be in decent condition. It does have a scar near the tip, is signed but not papered. Remember I just want old wall hangers/convo pieces that look decent to the uniformed ( like me )


Not really worried about value, as I wanted one with koshirae. And this has a nicer tsuba, But feel free to tell me if I got screwed.


Who can give me a little more info? I am looking for books now, but sense I am not buying another, unless I sell which is not the plan. I won't be asking again.








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Dear Scott.


To start your research you are looking for Bungo Takada swords.  This is a school that has suffered from a poor reputation though some excellent works exist, this I regret to say is not one of them.  This one is in pretty rough koshirae with what looks like a cast tsuba and not a good casting.  As you wanted a wall hanger then that is what you have.


If you want to start making comparisons then have a look at the swords on this site.  https://www.aoijapan.com/  


All the best.

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Like the ad said it is signed 豊州高田住忠行 - Tadayuki lineage comes from Bungo province, they span roughly from 1700 to 1860. I just looked at the Bungo Taikan, and the mei on the sword for sale looks very different in style of the Tadayuki examples in the book. I don't think I have any examples of lesser known Tadayuki generations though. But I would be cautious with the signature.

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