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Showa Tsuka

Dave R

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 I am posting this here rather than the military section as this was not made as a Gunto piece, though it is 20th century in date. I am wondering if anyone can give me some idea of which end of the century it was made, as in pre and during WWII or post WWII. I believe the menuki to be older and certainly better quality than the fuchi-kashira. Total length of the tsuka is 24.5 centimetres.

 I am also wondering if the motif of Kiri is of significance, or just a general patriotic theme?


Dave R




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Hi Dave.,


I think the Mon depicted is actually  Gosan Onikiri  i.e. 3 5 3 florets.


More elevated forms of Kirimon and varients are usually Goshichi i.e 5 7 5 florets (As in the Official Mon of the Prime Minister's office which is Goshichi Kirimon).


The difference between Kirimon and Onikirimon is straight forward, Kiri Mon have rounded leaves Onikiri Mon with slightly barbed ends to the leaves.


I am told there is Kyushichi 7 9 7 version, but I have not seen one yet





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better (focused) photos are necessary to see details. The MENUKI are difficult to see.

The quality of the parts would be a factor for me. The FUCHI can easily be taken off, so have a look into it and see how it is made. In case it is machine-made from thin sheet metal, you might want to look for genuine handmade items unless you are satisfied with just a decoration piece.  

Besides that there are no strict rules how to combine TOSOGU parts, as has been discussed here on NMB lately. It is more a question of personal taste (and money, of course!).

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