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shinsa agent?


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I am seeking your advice as to a good agent who could send a tanto of mine to shinsa (wherever the next shinsa is, preferably in Europe) for a reasonable fee.


I live in Poland and I think if the agent is in the US, that would work too, but ideally someone who has direct relations with Japan...

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Bob benson escorts blades to shinsa a couple of times a year. I would trust that guy with my life. He founded the american branch of the nbthk and was the first non-Japanese to receive an award for his skills in the art of polishing.



He holds great conversation over the phone as well..




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You can send it also directly to Japan (if you can do it) to an agent.


Robert Hughes (Keichodo) has done it for me by the past, with no problem at all. He takes the sword directly to NBTHK, take it/sen it back and even can have a talk with member of shinsa team to have the attribution explained.

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All will depend of the shinsa level, of the value of the blade as well as the insurance/transportation from Japan to Ireland.


NBTHK shinsa takes place every other month, next one will be in November. According to the level of Certficate required (H or TH) the price will differ, the higher, the more expensive. It is too late for Juyo shinsa which is hold in September and the blade must be already papered.


Here are the fees for shinsa:




Now for exporting swords worth above the equivalent of 200 000¥ there is special paperwork to be done and believe me it takes a couple of hours at least to do/gather all the necessary steps to export the blade. If it is reexportation, it can be simpler.


If EMS has a regular line with Ireland, it is the simplest way to get it back, other wise you will have (or Robert) to choose a transporter/carrier which may be more expensive.


Now, the time schedule is about 3 months to get the result. Unfortunatelly, there are some delays nowadays, my last sword was submitted last November and I got the result in March.


For the Japanese part, meaning Robert part, just mail him asking him what will be the cost all-in to submit a blade to NBTHK Hozon + H/S back to Ireland. To this, you will have to add the sending cost (don't forget the insurance cost) if you want one.


Don't forget the Irish Customs paperwork, it is a temporary exportation, read Darcy's post about Customs, you don't want to pay extra money on the blade value when it comes back.


Taking into account all these elements, for the Japanese part, I'll say perhaps 50 000¥ but ask Robert as it will depend of the means of transportation, Insurance....


Read carefully Bob Benson article about the blade being in good polish, in shirasaya ....

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Thank you Jean

as usual thorough. i will do a little more reading on the subject , i am in Ireland as you say but in the North which falls under UK import laws, who i had dealings with when i brought my Tsunatoshi katana in , and they where kind enough to charge another £175 on top of my purchase price :steamed: anyway, venting done, thanks for the information, and sorry Marius for hijacking your thread,


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In case of temporary export, I don't think you will have to pay anything, perhaps on the shinsa fees but that's all.


Customs fees are expensive but luckily less for Antiques. In France, it is 7%.


For my last blade, I paid 777 €

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