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  1. Indeed, the mongol scrolls confirm this appearance.
  2. Actually witches are very real, they exist in some form in many cultures....now as the magic spells, curses etc, that is a different story. The same is true about ninja and any supernatural aspects attributed to them. On the other hand, potions that poison, kill, heal, put to sleep etc are very real and the people who know about such things guarded their secrets, being attributed with supernatural powers only helped their reputation among the uneducated etc.
  3. Piers, the final image is missing, he eventually would have ended up riding a horse as o-yoroi (as you know) were not meant for walking around in.
  4. Anthony has an incredible collection, he is being very modest.
  5. A very radical sori, of the existing examples I have seen this one is by far has the most sori ("sori 15 cm"), can you post any additional photos here?
  6. A rarely seen sword type, has the koshirae been dated? Is it being auctioned or is it a direct sale? A HUGE AND RARE SWORD ODACHI Japan, Muromachi Period (15th/16th century). Overall length 186 cm, blade 121 cm. Hon zukuri, iori mune fumbari, furisode nakago, hada masame/itame, hamon midare, suguha etc., sori 15 cm. Koshirae: ebi saya decorated with raden, brass kanagu, iron kaku mokko gata tsuba. Tetsu migaki ji fuchi and kabutogane, menuki with dragons.
  7. Bura-chochin, collapsible lantern and matching boxes.
  8. Piers, I am glad to hear that you have rescued your box, a very nice and simple example. I see that the bottom is inset so that the top fits flush with the bottom and it has some hardware, is there a ring on both sides, if so maybe to tie the top to the bottom. Mine is simpler, the top just fits over the bottom and no hardware at all. I wonder if there was a shop that carried boxes that you could pick from or if they were custom made for the item, and who would add the writing if any, the box maker or the customer.
  9. Not all boxes were made from wood, these woven types seem to have been used for storing clothing, not sure what to call them.
  10. OTSU The requested article has expired, and is no longer available. Any related articles, and user comments are shown below. © KYODO
  11. Piers how about kura-bako? I really like Japanese boxes, the way they are built is amazing, some are so light and strong and yet remove one piece and they fall apart like a house of cards. Here is my kura-bako (saddle storage box), one of only a very few known examples. 58 cm x 52 cm x 53 cm.
  12. Piers, some "uneducated" people would make fun of this post but to me at least this is very interesting information. Do you have a link or any images to go with this, what a treasure trove of research material. I hope some of it gets out to the public, ninja are a fact, just because some people have exploited the name for profit does not make ninja any less real.
  13. Ian, you have not denied that you have joined in the copying, translating and distributing of Japanese authors copyrighted works in a hidden, secret forum...why is this...am I a liar?? HYPOCRITE noun 1. a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs. 2. a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.
  14. People who live in glass houses should not throw bricks....
  15. If you have contacted me feel free to post ANY emails you have sent me proving your being honest and I am a liar....you have my permission.
  16. OPEN UP THE HIDDEN, SECRET, SAMURAI ARMOUR FORUM and show people what is really happening behind CLOSED doors.
  17. Brian, am I not a "respected' member here as well? Have I not "done a ton towards the study of Nihonto and armour" as well? Ian has NEVER personally contacted me through his own email so I know it is actually Ian. Ian has had my personal email for YEARS and yet he has NEVER contacted be about his concerns...humm. When Dave opens up his "SECRET FORUM to public viewing Brian, this will show the hypocrisy of the people who are saying that I am a THIEF. As the person who created the Samurai Armor Forum and handed it over to Dave, I found certain practices to be completely against what my original intent was. When I eventually had enough, I openly discussed my problems with Dave and how the forum was being ran (ESPECIALLY the SECRET forum)...Dave banned me in order to shut me up, he has continued to harass and bad mouth me were ever he can and so have certain Samurai Forum members, some how he has convince IAN to join in. I am OPENLY calling for the Samurai Forum members to OPEN UP the SECRET FORUM so that everyone can see what is really happening.
  18. Dave, your not denying.....im just saying....remember...I HAVE screen shots, copies of translated Japanese texts, emails etc.
  19. I invite any interested person to take a look and see what exactly Ian is complaining about, also take a look at how long some of the Ian's essays have been posted (2013/2014). Here is the link, the articles are ALL attributed to him, there were links to the original articles but since the Samurai Armor Forum decided to require people to register, the links to the essays were not of any use. In case you were not aware...certain hand picked members of the samurai armor forum (including IAN) belong to a hidden "secret members only forum", were Japanese authors PUBLISHED, COPYRIGHTED, texts are TRANSLATED with funds collected by the secret forum members. (The privileged members of this HIDDEN, SECRET forum within a forum include Dave, Ian, Uwe, Luc, John, Anthony, Jan, and many other names that you would recognize as members of this forum. They have ALL participated on discussing the copying and translating and distributing of Japanese authors COPYRIGHTED texts.) These texts are then distributed, Ian has participated in this and as far as I can recall Ian did not protest this. Dave T has a personal grudge against me and I am being targeted by Ian as he and Dave are quite close. The Teachings of Ian Bottomley http://samuraiantiqueworld.proboards.com/board/28/teachings-ian-bottomley
  20. Ian, you have never once contacted me personally, you know how to do that since we have emailed back and forth for years. You do not seem to have a problem with peoples copyrighted texts being translated and distributed on the "secret section" of the samurai forum. Does this not in fact make the samurai forum a form of criminal enterprise? You had no problem with Dave T translating and distributing three chapters from Sasama's copyrighted book which is intellectual property that involved many years of research, did you protest his copy right infringement, no you did not. All that has happened is that your essays were placed were anyone can read them, can you explain what you have against that? Your post here has nothing to do with the thread, I think you have been influenced by Dave T's hatred of me, didnt you openly write and post your essays for people to learn from? You seem very angry, I have NEVER done anything to you to deserve your present actions. Life is short, do your thing and I will do mine. Dave T handed out copies of Trevors UNPUBLISHED!!!!! third book, without permission!!!!!, he send me a copy, I have his EMAILS!!!, what do you think about that....not an essay that was already public but a WHOLE BOOK...now talk about THEFT!!!!! of intellectual property which involved many years of research, what do you say about that? Maybe you should discuss this with your adopted son....humm. I REALLY think you should back off before this whole thing gets out of hand...im just saying.,.,.,
  21. Having a "Finished sales" archive gallery would be nice, for future reference of both sword etc sold and of sellers, some dealers I know do this.
  22. Better images please (larger) if possible, the whole gun would be nice. My advice on the bizen, clean around the area were the bizen and the barrel meet, you can use a very fine point like a needle to gently / carefully scrape rust from the joint, you can do the same thing on the vent depression, I would not put anything down the barrel, you should check to make sure there is not a load still in the barrel, then use some penetrating oil, not WD40 as penetrating oil is very thin, clean again, reapply etc. Use some GENTLE pressure on the bizen each time, wrap the bizen with cloth or blue duct tape etc to avoid damage, try this a few times before using more drastic methods, be patient. Apply some penetrating oil to the vent depression, it appears to be clogged. You may find that some people may have other methods, in that case pick the one that seems best to you. The red arrows on the images below indicate the areas to use clean and use penetrating oil.
  23. estcrh

    Sword Opinion

    My question to showa22, "Hello, is this sword a showato?".......the reply from showa22, "Yes, showato"......case closed.
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