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  1. Looking for the 2020 DTI dates to put together the trip.
  2. A little time to waste ! After 20+ years of study and collecting; I focus on !!!! Mounted Soshu koto,papered, awesome blades with koshire to match. But !! I do buy all over the board if the blade and fittings are "out of site " !! One's taste evolve with the exposure of the current times. What you know and love today, changes as your knowledge evolves.
  3. Ok, I have to bite !!!! After over 20+ years of study, collecting, show attending, DTI, and club membership participation; I think this: The DTI displays showcases the most wonderful blades. The koshirea was reserved for the most special of smiths and quality with papers. The USA shows have the displays of those who want to ride themselves of bad past purchases; with many exceptions of some good choices. But, the DTI and shows, showcase the papered blades, as the front performers. Sword vs blade; sword vs blade; etc. The blade to me is the engine of the sword, without its power all else is but beautiful historical artifacts. I find at the DTI as well as the USA shows, the sword, with all it's grander, is lost without the whole package. This year, I searched the DTI for fully, mounted, papered, originated matching koshirea, and found but one I, that I purchased and had sent home to me. Unless you loose your mind and spend without rational. This is a fact that extends into the USA shows as well. I look at the USA auto trade shows, engines for sale, wheels, interior, bodies, etc: yet none are the car. Hence, my assertion is to find a true, fully matching, papered, and original mounted sword, is indeed, very hard to find. This agrees with the side that says a good fully mounted sword is hard to find, but the junk and parts are out there for all others; and great papered stuff.
  4. A big thanks to Steve for his higher knowledge of the kanji and Japanese language.
  5. Well, the 2018 DTI was awesome. The quality and quantity of top rated great swords was mind blowing. Too much to look at and search for the best choice. What a difference to the USA shows and items for sale !! I did purchase an early Muromachi Soshu koto papered Masahiro with papered fittings. Just got it in the mail from EMS to USA USPS. Since I will return next year to the 2019 DTI, I plan in advance for these trips, so, Would anyone who knows the up coming dates for DTI 2019, let me know. Thanks !!
  6. I have a koto tanto with the entire koshira done in silver with this smith's signature on the fuchi. All done wisteria, including the saya lacquer work. Anyone have any clue as to who this is ???? Akimitsu with kao. Thanks in advance !!
  7. Anyone familiar with the tosogu Akimitsu. I have a beautiful koto tanto by Kane [ Kin ] Michi that have all silver " excellent " matching fuchi, kashira, kojiri, kozuka, and korikata with the fuchi signed Akimitsu with a kao.
  8. Sorry; Chinese fake swords; And, what horrid condition !! Please; get help and education on what could be a great adventure in education and knowledge. Be patient, listen, learn, and get advice before you spend money. The best investment you could find is to go to the San Francisco sword show in August; to see real Japanese swords, talk to people who care and would gladly help you.
  9. I wonder why the Europe show got 4 pages of response, [ will be going to it next year ] yet the great San Francisco show 8/2018, less than 4 weeks away has had such weak enthusiasm . This !!!, is the best it will be for all, and a show those who miss wish they would had attended. My most hated word is " later ', in application to such as this show. When you give yourself the excuse to pass on this show, and do later " next year ", you find the felling of regret, as it may not happen. Get your room reserved at the Marriot, get the most of the show, find the treasure you think you need to make you happy. Am I pushing this; yes; but I have expanded my year from this annual show, to the DTI annual, as well as the Europe show. See you there !!!!!
  10. Ok Peter; Come to the show. Get your own room for peace of mind. We all in this study / passion can afford the little extras that make this special. Stay at the Marroit to get the full exposure. In the show room and out are just as great an adventure, After the show, as well as thought out the day, others get together for drinks, discussion, and social growth ??? Get to learn everyone who makes this their home each year. Sharon and I always have a table, and are more that willing to introduce to many of the folks that make this show special. Stop by, introduce yourself.
  11. As always, my wife, Sharon and I have a table at this great show. Would not miss it, period. To make your out of town stay at the Marriot Airport Hotel is the best value !!! And I make the point that the stay at the Marriot is a critical point to the show's continual existence ! Find out why !! Everyone is in the show mode, socializing in the hotels open area bar and restaurant, in and out of the show room, attending the lectures, getting to know the folks that make this culture, becoming a part of the family. The 24 hour stay at the Marriot is the only way to " get it ", so, if you are truly interested to get the best from this show, make your Marriot reservations ASAP, get the discount, and see you there.
  12. Well; It looks to be a Chinese reproduction. The bosh and kissaki seem all wrong. The tang has that typical Chinese structure to it. A first impression.
  13. Thank you Bill for the confirmation of the dates. Was what I heard from a friend who just returned, but wanted to be real sure before I book it for next year. Henry, since you post to be in Tokyo, you should have found the date. I did not post the date I had till I was absolutely sure, so as not to miss lead others.
  14. I know for a fact the 2018 show dates are official. Who can confirm the dates !!
  15. For all planning for next year as a go; who knows the actual dates, for sure, so as to get air tickets & reserve hotels.
  16. Well'; Kind of a crazy comparison; so much difference in so many aspects !! This post should really stir the sleeping giants. Myself, from the basics: Mino is practical basic good war material, and more. Soshu is style, finesse, art, elegance, and a treasure to behold. I love both in their own right, as well as the wonderful comparison, when you hold both in hand to compare. Is one better than the other ?? I don't know. I think the quality of their best is not a thing to say on sway or another. I leave it up to others to voice their opinions.
  17. Chris, I bought it because it was a great deal as well as a very decent sword and with mounts. I have never bought anything with the aspect that I will sell it later. Just sold it to get the excess out of my inventory and to buy better quality mounted swords.
  18. Ok, I got a moment to describe a sale. Bought a gendiato Amahide fully mounted, that needed a little work for $200., which I did at no cost, and sold it for $800. A few years later, another who had bought it, found me to see a quick sale; where as I offered and got it for $200. At the San Francisco show 2017, I just sold it for $1,300. Do the math !! All involved we happy with their transaction, and I move forward to bigger and better quality purchases. I don't expect or plan to lose money; and I do appreciate the study time of the purchase !!!
  19. Well, some really broad and diverse thoughts by several with experience in the matter. Yet, this topic was started with 2 factions in mind. The new to the thought of study or purchase; and the wisdom of the experienced. The Response has been solely from that of the old guard; hardened by the years of study, collection, and as some admitted, the sale's of loss. However, the new to this culture, need the encouragement and direction; to feel that it is a positive purchase, and that a loss of value on their purchase is not to be expected. A sword purchase is an investment in money. The knowledge of study is it's by product. I rarely, and I mean rarely sell any of my 20+ years of collecting, and when I do; I certainly don't expect to sell at a loss.
  20. A reply to the depth ; Two cuts to the education and resale; 1- we bought junk and are trying to dump it !! Really a dead end to the pure, new to this study !!!!!!!!!!!! 2- We are selling to improve our collection. We'll, to enhance the new to our study / passion; we need to direct them !!!! I see many say get books; but the new know nothing of what they say or how to use them. This site could have a selective addition to the subjects, that direct a step by step; on how to begin a study / purchase into this field. Really grow the true study base. Each step could have a source of contacts, who would response to the level of search and direction. Reasons to buy or not; before the dollar spent; would enhance the success of future purchases, and provide positive conditioning for new purchases. OK, I myself go buy this purchase / buying / investment philosophy. It gets my attention, I like it , the whole package is a desirable purchase, I want it, I need It, I feel it is my profile of study & collection, I need it, and OK I have to have it; and last but most important !!!, could I be happy with this purchase if I owned it forever & could never sell it.
  21. Interesting range of cheap, back hand insults, by those who do not know me; and miss the point of the topic. The diminishing size of new collectors has me always concerned for the future of this study / hobby / passion. I see the lack of the younger generation coming into this field, by the attendance at the sword shows, as well at our club meetings. Yes, it is an expensive and more than a hobby. But the point I am eluding to, is the concept presented to the new or interested that you find acceptable to loose money. I see this in the few new to the collecting, hesitate to by a better piece, and just settle for the tired, cheap, item, so not to be at any loss; let alone do they think of resale or trading up. The representation of the positive, the pitfalls to avoid, a plan of action for purchase, go much further; than the negative comments that are so often thrown for no benefit.
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