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  1. SOLD 1. Bows, Arrows & Quivers of Ancient Japan by W.M.Hawley
  2. Here's where I got a very nice wooden single sword display case. They also have a double display case. All for a very reasonable price - they are on sale now for $139 or less. http://www.sfdisplay.com/sworddisplaycases.aspx A couple of photos from the site:
  3. 2. The Connoisseur's Book of Japanese Swords by Kokan Nagayama SOLD
  4. Well Folks, This certainly has been a learning experience for me. Again I apologize for being lazy and not checking things more carefully. I was just going by the information supplied by the person I bought the sword from. And, yes, it's my fault for missing that key "Not Verified" comment, and for not getting the sword papered. At this stage, I have no idea of what the possible value of this Katana might be. All I do know is what I paid for it, and that the appraisal I have is probably not even worth the paper it's written on. That being said, I am going to ask Brian to remove this listing until I can get someone, with much more knowledge than I, to take a look and arrive at a fair value. Thank you all for your comments and insights. I really appreciate them. Good Days,
  5. Folks, Got some photos taken today, with more to come. Sorry it's taking so long, but it took a LOT of attempts, constantly going back & forth from camera to computer to check the shots. It's a very different kind of photography from what I'm used to, so it's become a learning process for me. (The photos posted earlier are the ones the I got from Fred Fimio, who sold me the sword.) Here's what I took today: Hopefully I will have some close-ups tomorrow or the next day. As a further note, I am letting you know that I also discovered when I got it out to photograph, much to my horror, that there are 3 areas on the saya where splits have developed. They weren't there the last time I checked it, but that was quite a while ago. The wood of the saya is quite thin, and I have been storing it in a display case, in which it has remained for the past seven years or so.
  6. 4. Nihonto no Horimono (Engravings on Japanese Swords) by Sato Yoshiki and Nakamiya Yoshiro SOLD pending funds
  7. Thank you Bryce & Bugyotsuji for your contributions. They are greatly appreciated! I hope to take some better photos this weekend and post them. Stay tuned...
  8. Thanks. Ken. You are totally right on that. I just wish I had had the funds available to send it (Ohhh, how I wish,,,,) As they say: "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride"
  9. Jacques D., on 25 Jun 2020 - 2:46 PM, said: Jacques, Please accept my most humble apologies. I have been made aware of a few things in the past few hours that have considerably changed my opinion. Among them, I came across this document buried in some files, which I totally forgot I had, in which you can see at the bottom in the Nakago description after "Signed two character signature Chika Tsugu", that Fred has hand written in: "NOT VERIFIED". Do you happen to know who the swordsmith is that forged this?
  10. My information came from Mr. Fimio, whose judgement I tend to trust, due to his extensive knowledge and experience.
  11. For me, I just couldn't afford it. I can't speak for the previous owners.
  12. It is not papered. I purchased it from Fred.
  13. Ken, please give me a few days and I will try to take some photos and post them. I am kind of busy right now, but hopefully can do this over the weekend. Thanks.
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