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  1. Thanks again to the members for the help in identifying these. While in less than pristine shape overall - at least they appear to be "original" from what I can tell. I will say the first one (Island Sword) is definitely sharp!
  2. Thanks Bruce The only other marks I could find are as follows. (*although the second pic I am not sure is even a stamp?)
  3. Haha - yep, you never know I suppose!
  4. Well finally received these two swords. Some pics of #1 which is likely from Java per PNSSHOGun Seems like someone scrawled something (a name) into the leather? She's a rough one boys!
  5. They should arrive next week. I also could not discern the tassel colours from the pics. The one saya is clearly in a sad state. I would appreciate any advice from you guys re removing the remaining leather - thanks Mich
  6. Well I reckon the best way to learn is probably the hard way... I picked these up at an auction the other day and am waiting to see them up close. I believe the top one to be a Type 98 but not really sure about the bottom one. They are not in the greatest shape but they fell within budget and will join my Type 95. Appreciate any info on what you guys see. Once I get them in hand I'll try and get better pics if desired. Thanks
  7. Sorry - didn't want to get in poop....some forums frown on hot links. I will edit and repair the link
  8. Saw this one on the ole ebay The pictures on the retailer's business sight are a bit better quality compared to the ebay listing itself. Japanese WWII Type 95 NCO Sword - Hero Outdoors
  9. Just theorizing - perhaps when the drag was removed (and the semegane positioned), the whole assembly including throat was stripped, re-assembled, and painted?
  10. Thanks @Shamsy Doesn't appear to have any color that I can make out.
  11. Thanks for the education gents. The guy has a photo section here (NB: I have inserted a space between https: and // to disable any hot link.) https: //flickr.com/photos/190183387@N07/sets/72177720307788888?fbclid=IwAR0oN2BjEGjHbXAusSdVFWYowNsj_y0OKMKBC_KiDdy-AD1CSruQoPQ6Qms
  12. Alright guys....getting dragged down the rabbit hole. This one is for sale (somewhat locally) for $2,000 Thoughts on authenticity and valuation? The seller states: Type 98 Shin Gunto katana Imperial Japanese Army officer katana. Traditionally (hand made) forged gendaito blade sometime between 1867-1945 Very attractive hamon. Unsigned/ mumei The menuki has the mon from the Tōdō clan meaning the original owner of the sword was a member of that clan
  13. Oh dear....feeling pull down yet another collector rabbit hole....must resist!
  14. Hello Bruce Here are the pics you requested. Hope they are what you were looking for. Thanks, Mich
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