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  1. Just in case you need a tsuba . https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/t1009691106 I would buy it but its 8.3cm and i need wak size .
  2. Im looking for the mitsudomoe menuki in black if you find extra's ! ! Gota rewrap this Katsumitsu and get the right menuki .
  3. Awesome read through mystery you have going on here Georg . Congratz on the find and yes , the sword did pick you ~ Im just glad you didnt sell it to a buyer that called it fake , haha
  4. Awesome selection Grey and i like a few of them . I need to measure my blade before choosing one . I have a blade im sending off for full koshirae soon . Thanks for your help ! Russ
  5. Hi Grey Im having trouble figuring out which tsuba are Edo period and which are not . Can you let me know which ones are early to mid Edo please . Looking to a good close match to these pcs below for Wakizashi
  6. Looking for edo period 3 pcs set if possible for a 1661 Wakizashi blade . Show me what you have for sale ! ! Thanks !
  7. Thanks guys ! Thanks for your time and effort Russ
  8. Would one of you fine gentlemen please translate this to english for me . Thanks
  9. Adam . Post up a full length photo of the sword please . I would love to see it . Russ
  10. Anyone know what time the doors open and close on Saturday and Sunday ? Trying to figure out my weekend chaos .
  11. Thanks man ! Ive never seen that on a type 98 before . So the officer that had this sword made had that added ? Russ
  12. Ray , on the ushoshin what is that little round symbol with the 3 peddles ?
  13. I was hoping you would be there with that Ushoshin
  14. Thanks Ray ! I wonder why its back up for sale . The tip of the blade almost looks like it was fixed. Ray , are you going to the Orlando show ? Russ
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