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  1. Thanks for the recommendation Brian , ordered!
  2. In an attempt to get sword from America to Australia in Sept/Oct late last year, DHL said they have “unilaterally” stopped sending swords, from August 2021. This was after they accepted it and suggested it was on its way. They initially blamed Australian customs which was not true, and then came back with the response they are not taking swords… not sure if others have had recent success… cheers Rich
  3. Thanks Morita san, gives me something to start with on research, greatly appreciated! Rich
  4. IMHO, I don’t see yakidashi in Paul’s blade .. unless I’m missing ‘adding’ something I do see it in Bryce’s sword… Paul, Jervis bay .. tough place to hang out 😂… If you do decide to get into this fascinating subject , a couple of great books to start with would be the Nakahara mentioned before, and The connoisseur’s book of Japanese Swords by Nagayama. Rich
  5. Hey Paul, A couple of things, where are you in Aus? Andrew is in Victoria and is fully traditionally trained Togishi, and a good bloke, so if you are local to him, may be an option … he’s very good at Kantei! On your last comment just be aware when they shorten a blade it will be from the tang up. A boshi will disappear generally due to damage in kissaki, and subsequent ‘restoration’.. no boshi = fatal flaw. Only really forgivable in truely old blades of historical significance (or if you don’t care ) … on the other hand, boshi that are ‘just hanging in there’ or much thinner than the rest of the hamon are quite common as the kissaki cops more punishment during a swords life and often needs more steel removed during polish to rectify damage .. Nakahara’s book, Facts and Fundamentals of Japanese swords has a few pages on this .. cheers Rich
  6. I can’t believe I missed this, and I’m shattered by this news. A true scholar of the nihonto world, too young DB, may you rest in piece.
  7. Thanks Piers, yes looked like a mei kao to me also, hopefully we have a lacquer expert that has all the answers 😬😂
  8. For context I have added a couple of pics of the full inside lid and base .. I have no experience with maki-e, but from reading wonder if the subdued colour pallet / pigments may place this early/pre 19th century? .. or I’m way off base ..!
  9. Hey guys, when I bought this it was sold as ‘unsigned’ but found this on the inside of the lid… do you think this is an artist signature or factory seal or something else? cheers Rich
  10. Some pics of blade if interested… sorry I haven’t taken proper ones as yet…
  11. hi all, Wow, thanks so much I definitely did not expect people to eat a huge hamburger while doing other things, lol 😂 Thanks all above for input really appreciated, and as Brian has stated I have really learnt a lot from this exercise. I could get smith and sword length and refs to nidai and konuka hada but couldn’t pull it together… lots of work to do in this department for me… Steve M kindly pm’d me with the full translation, amazing; and also he was happy for me to share so others could get out of it what they will. Thought I would do a donation to the board as a thank you, so will do that now! cheers Rich SM translation: Hizen-no-kuni Fujiwara Tadahiro Ubu with eight-character signature. An early work of the Tadahiro 2nd. The jitetsu of konuka hada, and the clear, belt-like suguha are excellent, and show off this smith's true abilities. This piece was made circa Kan'ei 14 (1637), before Tadahiro received the title of "Ōmi daijō" Length of two shaku, four sun, six bu. Appraised and written on this day in November, 2009, by Tanzan Hendō.
  12. Hey guys, I don’t expect to get a Tanobe sayagaki translated for free here, I have pm’d Markus a couple weeks ago to see if I could employ him for translation, but pm ‘unread’ at this stage, maybe he’s missed it or not logged on recently. Anyway does anyone have his email, or any other members that do sayagaki translations as a side gig for $ ? cheers Rich
  13. Thank you so much for this info Moriyama San , it did indeed come with a Nobukuni tanto with said horimono. Greatly appreciated. cheers Rich
  14. Hey guys, I have a nice tanto koshirae with some writings on the tsunagi. Unsure if this has any relevance to the koshirae itself, or perhaps notes by the tsunagi maker? Maybe to long to request a translation here (apologies), but thought I would post in the chance my curiosity may be slated. Is this a common practice? cheers Rich
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