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  1. Is it taboo to ask how much it was? Or what everyone thinks it might be worth considering all the opinions here?
  2. The one thing that makes me think is second pic from the bottom the patina seems to be different in the same shape as the hamon and sorta stops right where the clay mixture for a retemper might have been. Maybe in an effort to make it go into the patina and make it fool an armchair expert like me? And the yasurime seem to be a little obscured there too. On the other side though it looks a little like someone polished into the nakago once on that side a little. Maybe to see where the hamon stops? Would it be a terrible idea to have that area only and like a millimeter on the other side polished to see what the hamon actually does there?(not a suggestion a question) When considering something retempered i like to keep in mind that most of the time a retemper was simply done to restore a ruined blade to usefulness. The higher quality the retemper(ie harder to tell like this) the better you can probably hope at least that it was done in the past by a master who simply wanted to save themselves some work, or rather save the work of someone else. I was pretty sure the minamoto sukekuni i posted was retempered when I bought it but i just loved the hamon and figured for the price i guess i was getting two master smiths for one blade, but i have now convinced myself its an original hamon, and these guys say be wary of the signature 🤣😑🤣. Still happy with it! In the end its worth what someone would pay for it. Im sure one of these guys wants its as bad as i sorta do. I REALLY still believe that other one was a retemper (a promising wazkizashi recent thread) and not the exception to the rule the other guy pointed out to me. In the end youre gonna have to shinsa it and hes gonna have to shinsa that one. Im gonna have to shinsa the minamoto. Hopefully we all dont know nothin and you got a 10k + in your hand. Everyone pray your wrong for him.
  3. For a retemper the most obvious pointer is a hamon that ends before the nakago or goes bent into the unsharpened edge above the nakago paired with a thicker than usual super dark patina. Theres exceptions i have been told the last time i suggested a retemper. This apparently happens when they wrapped it in something wet like beets or radishes to keep the nakago from being heated and ruining the patina. I thought it was supposed to obliterate the yasurime as well. I can see the yasurime and the hamon seems to go straight into the patina from what i can tell. Can you find any warps or bubbles in the sides? Does the hamon go into the patina or does it curve towards the unsharpened edge right above the patina? Had a look and i cant for the life of me find this article i read all that in. Ill continue to try to find it.
  4. That sugata/sori🤩 🤤. Cant wait to hear what these guys say. I dont think you could be faulted for believing it’s Kamakura or at least nambokucho. Definitely a blade meant to be wielded from horseback.
  5. The color patina and sugata add up to an edo period bade to me. Shinto not shin shinto. So 16-1700. Cant tell ya for the signature im not that good yet.
  6. Alright thanks for checking it out!
  7. If you could check out the post i made of the sayagaki id appreciate it! Someone else translated, but im hoping someone can tell me who it was written by.
  8. Rofl i assumed my assumption was wrong too😂. Thank you! Honestly super surprised you could make this out. It was super difficult to get to show up. I need a better camera.
  9. Give sword.

    1. Karusk


      Buy other sword, will give🤣

  10. Soshu Tsunahiro 13th gen. From the collection of Kunio Izuka founder of the new york token kai. Signed Masamune Masson sagami no kuni Tsunahiro. A day during the third month of bunka(1816) O Watanabe Kore Ju. (Special order and name?). All the strokes are very light and the yasurime as well. From what i can find this is characteristic of this smith. I tried and tried ti get it to show up sorry ill need to powder it and dont want get crap all over it. I also tried to get the hada to show, its visible to the eye but extremely tight and apparently impossible to get to show in a photo. From a very trustworthy dealer with a guarantee to paper if i send it out. He says there is a paper somewhere and when he finds it hell let me know. Im not super good at schools but it most definitely seems soshu to me. Ever see a blade and immediately have to have it?🤣 I usually stay away from anything younger than shinto but this one yelled at me rather than spoke. Id like to know which part of that is the name of the person who ordered it. Kore ju Im assuming. Any idea of who that was would be appreciated. Not for sale😑.
  11. You’re absolutely right too cju there are always exceptions to the rule. I seriously doubt it was done here though. Its not outlandish to think the tsuka was made for it, its actually most likely it was. Especially if its a good close fit like that. I would seriously doubt someone cut it to fit the tsuka, but it’s probably happened too. I have seen some ugly cutting to a nakago to make it fit a fancy bone like pin tsuka. (Or assumed it wasnt original forgive me) Its honestly even possible the blade is much older and longer and was broken above the nakago, then reworked although that would absolutely mean it was retempered as well as the original hamon would most definitely go into the patina of the nakago. (Interesting read bazza! Im here to learn too thank you!) Lets assume it was just shortened. @Bazza Is it possible this is actually a very shallow sori koto blade considering its yakiotoshi? That article pretty much says this is a trait of much older blades. Someone said this mei was a koto smith as well.
  12. Karusk


    Thank you jussi! I guess you cant tell who wrote it? I was hoping it said Kunio Izuka, as its from his collection. Sadly he passed last year, he was the founder of the new york token kai. The blade will be posted soon. Your a super informative and helpful guy thanks so much.
  13. They NEVER took off the point(kissaki) they always shortened from the nakago. It may have simply been filed down to change the balance and weight for a new owner A sword does need to be tailored to the owner. If the point is taken off they have to completely rework the blade and would probably just have melted it down if it broke there. Sort if outlandish idea yeah. 🤪 Im glad one of these guys says it could be the original hamon.
  14. Karusk


    Doing the blade in a separate post to keep the conversation separate. Please help me translate. Supposed to be Sōshu tsunahiro (13th) Would like to know who wrote it as well. Blade coming in another post. Derrrr sorry flipping photo
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