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  1. I do think that the problem is money, simple money. As in any other craft you will get what You paid for. I have seen polishes from top togishi which i can not believe. Well i remember the session when an blades has shown to me polished by an mukansa. Holy shi.....I can not believe this. The answer ? He polished this low quality blade for an friend of him for nearly no money. What does this mean. if You want an real polish, do not discuss the polisher charges, do not teach him how to do his job nor press him to work faster because You want the blade to sell by example This will always end in an desaster. I knew the workmanship of most of the european polishers. Some are good, they can understand the blade, but nevertheless the qualtiy of the polish is not consistent. Why ? Explanation is most probably the same as in the case of the Japanese polishers. To be honest, i do think that is true for nearly all togishi with a few exceptions. Just thoughts about. Ingo
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