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  1. Wow. I really don't have much to add other than I really hope this threat continues. Really interesting stuff.
  2. here is another descriptor photo the seller has... and he is asking about 1600 USD
  3. I mean, that could be the one! But I'm even less of a Kanji expert then you Bruce (I'm more like an inexpert lol). My friend is curious as to what you guys also the think of the blade regardless of the mei, at least from what you can see, I know the pictures aren't amazing.
  4. Any particular Kaneuji you thinking most likely?
  5. Hey there, Posting this sword for a friend who is curious about it. Its being advertised as a nice Gendaito with a ko-choji hamon. Comes with a company grade tassel as well. But, unfortunately there is corrosion on the nakago that covers most of the mei. Would love to hear your opinions of it and if anyone can make anything of the mei. thanks for any feedback!
  6. Hey guys, As usual thanks for all of your input! I figured there wouldn't be any simple answer, but this is an area I want to start investigating more. I've searched this forum for info on Takehisa but haven't been able to find out too much more about him. Interestingly, it seems like anytime his swords come up they are from 1943. At least from what I've seen. JP that book you mentioned seems like a good read and kinda what I'm looking for, I'll have to pick up a copy in not too long here.
  7. Hey there guys, I've been kind of curious about something. Some of you may have seen my post about my 1943 Takehisa Type 98 I picked up recently. Looking at the sword and reading on this forum has got we wondering about something... What kind of environment would a sword like mine have been forged in? Would a sword smith like Takehisa have likely owned his own small shop or would he have more likely just been one worker in a larger shop with other sword smiths? And do we know what sort of manufacturing method were used for most war time Type 98's? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  8. Thanks for all the info Bruce. As usual I appreciate it!
  9. Hey Bruce! So is that what that back paint is, a number? 107? also the sarute is not the clasped hand type, just plain curved bar. I think when the pervious owner added it when he added the tassel. two questions. What are our thoughts on the use of the W stamp? And also, do we know of any more information about Takehisa of the methods he used for making his swords? thanks!
  10. Hey there, I posted about this Type 98 a while back as I was looking at purchasing it. Well, I did purchase it and after almost getting lost by the postal service it has finally arrived! Made by Takehisa in Autumn 1943, a pretty classic looking Type 98 to my eyes. I’ve decided to take some of my own pictures and post them here, though I’ve included some of the older pics of it apart... since I have yet to take it apart myself... perhaps a little nervous haha.
  11. Oh man. That is one beautiful Kia Gunto. Wish I had seen this post earlier 🙃
  12. I’ve really appreciated all your feedback. I thought I’d let you all know that it looks like Im likely gonna get the Takehisa. ...also it has matching numbers
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