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  1. 44 minutes ago, Baba Yaga said:

    I'd tell you how much that sword is worth and a lot more, but it's probably against forum rule 1001:) 


    I don't believe it's a rule unless in the for sale/trade forum. But you can always PM if them if unsure.

  2. On 2/6/2013 at 5:33 AM, george trotter said:

    Father Niwa Kanenobu's real name was Kanematsu and he began teaching his son in Taisho 6 (1917?) and since the son was born Meiji 36 (1903) it seems the father was probably born about 1875-80 period.


    Sorry to revive such an old thread but has anybody found out any more info about Kanenobu(father)? For being apart of the revitalization of sword making he seems to be omitted in popular literature.

  3. 1 hour ago, DaveFarr said:


    In these situations, how is the payment system usually handled


    Since this isn't a high priced item I prefer PayPal, usually paid off in a 60-90 day period. But yes, you would just have to trust the seller(me), ships the item upon final payment. Of course I can give you recommendations from others I've done transactions with.


    1 hour ago, Brian said:

    Cheap and nasty swords sell fast. Top end stuff sells fast. It's the middle range that is hardest to sell


    That's what I understood


    1 hour ago, Deoma said:

    If still available by the first of may.


    I'll PM you if still available come May.

  4. Final price drop $2,500usd shipped CONUS


    This is a nice blade in excellent condition gunto mounts. A lot of activity to study and a perfect starter blade for a new collection. 


    A dealer has a similar blade for sale by the same smith for almost 4k and it's not even mounted.

    I'm surprised by the lack of interest.

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  5. 13 minutes ago, Stephen said:

    Gary has posted three sword so far today.

    Each one is garnered some kind of negativity don't know what's going on here folks.


    Personally found all the pieces he's posted thus far quite attractive(I'm jealous), including the cutting tests. Would gladly accept any of them in my collection. For free of course 😉

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    35 minutes ago, Baba Yaga said:


    Try different swords completely; 

    Also NO suggestions on laying a sword on granite.


    The paper matches the sword shown in the first pictures, the nakago photo is the incorrect one.


    I also don't have a problem with granite as long as it's propped at the top, which it appears so.

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