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  1. Thanks Ray, There definitely aren't many hence my outreach here. I'll definitely do my research. Do I inform the owner of these that they are copies or just tell him I changed my mind. Cheers
  2. Thank you Ray. Apologies for not posting a name. This was an opportunity with the owner emigrating and selling in a rush. I have not committed to purchasing luckily as I know there is a great amount of copy's doing the rounds. Kind regards, Danie
  3. Thanks Neil, I suspected that. Would you mind also giving your opinion on a different post of mine ( No markings on the Tsuka) http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/30429-info-needed-on-the-classification-on-this-swordblade/
  4. Hi All, I'm new to the forum. I have a sword in my possession which I was considering to buy but need more info on it to determine if I'm paying a fair price (Asking price is ZAR 30,000 or US$2000) (Don't think this is worth close to that). Any help would be appreciated. I don't have much info other than the images I took yesterday on inspection. I can see the tip is damaged. My intention with this purchase is to buy something worth investing in as art / an heirloom to pass on to my son one day. (I doubt that this piece meets those standards but would like confirmations from someone knowledgeable in this field) Thanks in advance for feedback and apologies if this is posted in the incorrect area. The Saya is Dark blue lacquered but very badly scratched.
  5. Hi, I'm very new to this hobby and have the option to purchase on this item. Could someone please shed some light on the text on this Tsuka? Any assistance will be much appreciated .
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