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  1. $6000 Up for sale, is a beautiful papered Kaga Fujishima Katana, coming with full koshirae and shirasaya with sayagaki. The flowing itame hada, gunome midare hamon combination and is breathtaking and is a sword I really wouldn't want to part with. Blade Info ji: mokume hada mix with flowing itame. chikei is present. there is utsuri. boshi: midare komi. It comes with atobori horimono double bohi on the omote, plum tree on the ura side. saki haba 1.5cm, motohaba2.7cm, sori 1.9 cm, nagasa 27 1/2 ", meguki ana 3, sayagaki by tanobe michihiro. Hamon, nie deki gunome midare mix withe hako midare. sayagaki Sayagaki reads as follows: kaga no kuni fujishima, 2 shaku 2 sun 9 bu(69.4cm), signed with character tachi mei of fujishima, jidai muromachi. There are some kanji we could not translate. flaws Flaws: ray skin wrap on the tsuka is slightly cracked, some small ware on the blade, see pictures for refference.
  2. NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon attributed to Yamato Senjuin. Komokume hada, koshizori, osuriage, suguha hamon. Really pretty but its quite tired. $7500usd www.nihontocollection.com
  3. Koto muromachi uda kunimune up for sale on www.nihontocollection.com mumei blade, with nthk attribution to uda kunimune. Suguha hamon with flowing itame hada. $6400
  4. Kaga Fujishima school Katana up for grabs at www.nihontocollection.com with horimono and full koshirae. Comes with shirasaya with sayagaki, translation would be appreciated. comes with hozon papers, $8000
  5. The original description on the teppou went as follows. 'The kanji on the gun reads as follows: 大和守 yamatonokami, 飾之 kazayuki, tensho year 1. That means this is an original tokugawa display piece from 1573. This, most likely would have been a gift from the tokugawa to yamatonokami (the lord of yamato). However, as we do not have provenance, we are pricing on the quality and the kanji written alone. Note, if anyone has any information on this tanzutsu we would be very greatful. ' so i don't feel i was being dishonest since I clearly stated that there is a lack of provenance and I was willing to listen to information.
  6. dishonesty wasn't my intention. I have since changed the title after reading these seriously thanks everyone!
  7. Wow!!! Thanks for everyone's comments and teaching me about it . This information is really helpful.
  8. I am sorry I don't understand what you mean? Charlie
  9. Totally interested in learning new stuff but the stumping thing here is that the barrel doesn't come off and was made not to. the wooden part is authentic.
  10. very true DirkO. As a person who can read and write to some extent in Japanese totally get that. Kanji can be a proper mind bender.
  11. Hey guys, just checking to see if my translation is accurate on this tanzutsu on my site. www.nihontocollection.com Should be 大和守 yamatonokami, 飾之 kazayuki, tensho year 1. Please note that this is not a weapon and was never made to fire. It is an original reproduction gift item.
  12. also brian i have had 3 seperate Japanese individuals translate for me. Although if you feel like its a good piece to post i will
  13. The barrel cannot come out, and there is not hole for the powder to ignite.
  14. cheers mate. I'l make sure to do that in the future. Charlie
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