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  1. Yes, I completely agree with you here Greg. Handling and care has been a major concern of mine. I am brave enough to admit that when I first got the sword I actually had nightmares in my sleep about destroying it by some careless accident. I believe that through research and knowledge passed to me by the collector I purchased this from (who has become a friend) I am in a position to be a good "caretaker" of this piece. One question I did have for the experts here. Is anyone able to read the sayagaki?
  2. @Markus Thank you for taking the time to clarify this for me. Very helpful.
  3. Thank you to everyone who has commented so far. I am delighted to know that this sword is seen as a great start to my collection by so many knowledgable experts. Truly appreciate the feedback and the comments on the smith. I have been doing my best to find information on him but was getting confused about which Kunimichi made this sword and how well regarded he was.
  4. Thank you for this information @Jacques D. I was a little confused trying to find info on this smith. Is he listed in by Fujishiro as Yamashiro no kami Minamoto Kunimichi or another name?
  5. @Babu Thank you so much, this is helpful
  6. Babu, Brian, TheBigAL, Katsujinken Thank you for your comments! @Babu - I am planning to leave this one in shirasaya alone for now. @Katsujinken - The nagasa is 26.3 inches on this blade
  7. Geraint Thank you very much for the response. I have been attempting to do research on this smith but getting a little mixed up on which Kunimichi smith I have here. Very much appreciate your comments. Jason
  8. Hello This forum has been a pleasure to read and I very much appreciate all the knowledge here, for a new collector like me it has been a great resource Wanted to post a picture of my first blade, a katana. Yamashiro Minamoto Kunimichi Tokubetsu Hozon papers and sayagaki by Sato Kanzan Wondering about the meaning of the kikumon on the nakago was this a common practice? Thanks Jason
  9. Thank you to the members that have contributed. Your insight is very much appreciated. Lots of different views on this one which is very interesting.
  10. Hi everyone, Was wondering if anyone had any additional information on this tsuba design here? Is this a hidden dragon motif? Jason
  11. John! Thank you for this.
  12. Tanto54, raymondsinger, and Malcolm. Can't thank you guys enough for taking the time to look at the pictures, that is so helpful. Was able to get a pic of the signature as well.
  13. Hello Everyone, First time poster here and new to the world of nihonto collecting. Very impressed with the wealth of information here on the forums so I thought I would ask a question. I was wondering if there was any thoughts on the motif of this daisho. Any insight would be very much appreciated. Katana Wakazashi
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