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  1. Is it just me or in the last pick of the Nakago I see 67?3 ?
  2. @Bruce Pennington in the first picture the number is 448.
  3. Ooitame

    New Koshirae

    Hi all, Recently had a Uchigatana Koshirae and Tsuka made. With matching Shakudo Fuci-Gashiria, and Menuki sets. A healthy Shakudo Tsuba, which turned out to balance very well. A short single gold Habaki was needed in order to use the existing Mekugiana that was open. All with a dark gray Ishime texture. The theme is the world is an raging sea and a turbulent land, so keep your shishi close at hand. Hope you enjoy it.
  4. I would say older blade, very late Muromachi, more likely Shinto, some signs of utsuri. I agree the dragon looks new, maybe the stamp was the engraver.
  5. The last Samurai quote, "less mind". Best of luck in your journey into the knowledge on Nihonto.
  6. I have been looking to purchase a Naginata for some time. This one is very interesting, and has a nice sugata, many congratulations. Would look great in a new polish!
  7. A video of application and removal would be great! Nice work! Keep the science moving forward for preservation.
  8. Superb! Given your artistic gifts and eye for details I would be curious what swords are on display, if you would like to share.
  9. Ooitame


    It was a good one, a head scratcher for sure, I could only only venture Enju; despite nakgao generalities to that school. Thanks for the fun.
  10. Ooitame


    Is that dan or shirake utsuri? Hard to tell. I will go with Enju school.
  11. Is it possible to see the entire nakago? Has there been powder recently used on the Mei? Those mekugi holes and reflection in the mei have me a bit off.
  12. Thank you all, for your time, efforts, and inputs! I hope everyone has enjoyed this fun little exercise.
  13. Thank you all, for participation, I am glad to see most enjoyed this Kantei. Is it possible to convert to English please; I hope this is not too much of an ask. My Japanese is very lacking as I have been focusing on sword attributes. Eventually I will get to Kanji. Again, have fun another donation will be given to the NMB.
  14. Hi Brian, any pictures? There are a few reasons, one to preserve the Mei, another to show it off, another it was added after as an attribution, also used for test cuts. There could be more reasons, but it is called kinzogan mei.
  15. If anyone is interested in a good cause for the NMB
  16. Thank you all, for you thoughts and participation I really appreciate it; as it helps me and hopefully others sharpen their skills. The pictures failed to truly capture the essence of this sword. It has an Oei feel to me which is one of the many reasons for the purchase. A good description of the smith and Oei provenance can be found here https://yuhindo.com/osafune-norimitsu-katana/. The sowrd is Bishu Osafune Norimitsu, Bunmei 9th, with NBTHK TH papers. Here comes another fun part, translation of Sayagaki.
  17. One more day, all opinions welcome, regardless the board gets a donation, have fun with this one.
  18. Hi John, that is part of why I bought this waki, so much to enjoy 😉.
  19. Hi Jean, apologizes for the pictures, hint, hada is Masame and some Itame. Sometimes I get good ones and most the time I do not. I feel I failed to show the beauty and elegance in this one, as opposed to my showa Nagamitsu... but atleat I have a Daisho now. We have a hurricane rolling thru so more pictures are not an option due to humidity. Thank you all for your reasoning and deductions please, if you can include them in the Kantei for me and others to learn from; keep the guesses coming.
  20. Hi John, this is the best I think it can get on a black drop.
  21. Hopefully the photos came across as good enough. Good luck everyone
  22. Hello everyone, My sword has arrived, I am working on getting the best photos I can for a Kantei. SUGHATA, HADA, HAMON. First to get Nengo, School, and maybe smith I will donate to the NMB. Second part is a translation, in which I will also provide a donation to the NMB. Nagasa 19.9in. Hamachi 1.1in. Sori 0.55in. Kissaki 0.78in. Kasane 0.28in.
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