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  1. Mounts are fine and complete, has tan-paint metal saya. It could use a light polish, but has no defects or nicks on the blade. Can add pics tomorrow once I put it back together, if you like
  2. Hello, This is a wakizashi blade I bought as junk. The blade will recover nicely with no flaws, but the Mei maybe difficult to read. I'll really appreciate it if you can give it a try, though.
  3. Hello, Although I don't see any armory seal, my impression is that this is a Manchurian steel showato. A curious detail are the Kanji on the nakago's mune, I never saw this before... I will appreciate your help with the Mei on this piece, that should help me research it better. Thank you!
  4. Thank you so much, Uwe! Geraint, thanks for the advice: yes, the name gives me the chance to research more. I'm well aware of all the spurious swords out there, so I'll take it with a grain of salt, especially with a big name like this. It IS a very well made blade, though, so let's see =) Thank you!
  5. Hello, forumers I have this sword in my shop, it came dressed as gunto, but I don't see any armory marks on this one. Hamon is bright and straight, and has a nice even hada. Very different from two seki blades that accompanied it. So I'm curious if this is a redressed older blade. I'll appreciate it if you can help me identify the mei. Thank you!
  6. Hello, forumers This is a big ask, I guess, but any bit of information shared will be appreciated greatly. I am not a big fan of non-Nihonto swords, but this one seems historically interesting. This is a Navy School commemorative wakizashi made, as I understand it, from the steel of a 12" cannon of the Mikasa battleship, used during the Sino-Russian war (1897?) under Admiral Heihachiro Togo. Made by Suishinshi Minamoto No Hideaki? 2 of them were made? I would like your opinion regarding authenticity (looks kosher to me) and maybe even possible value. Validate if I read correctly author, date, etc. Thank you!
  7. Gentlemen, I really appreaciate your input, this was very useful Thank you!
  8. I appreciate your opinions, thank you! Yes, they do seem well made, which is why I'm considering them, even knowing they're most likely not nihonto - I can practice with a clear conscience Still, I'd like to know if that mei means anything. Most of his blades do have known modern tosho mei... spurious or else...
  9. Yes, I've bought from Komonjo before, too, koshirae mostly, with no problems. But their constant supply of gendaito blades seems odd to me, as do some of the blades themselves. I look for a low cost blade for actual use, but don't want to end up with some China junk. This one does not look as suspiciously new as most of the others, so I thought I'd try to check the mei, at least. Any idea on the author here?
  10. I do have blade pics, it actually looks nice, which is why I'm trying to have a sort of review on the mei.
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