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  1. Gentlemen, I really appreaciate your input, this was very useful Thank you!
  2. I appreciate your opinions, thank you! Yes, they do seem well made, which is why I'm considering them, even knowing they're most likely not nihonto - I can practice with a clear conscience Still, I'd like to know if that mei means anything. Most of his blades do have known modern tosho mei... spurious or else...
  3. Yes, I've bought from Komonjo before, too, koshirae mostly, with no problems. But their constant supply of gendaito blades seems odd to me, as do some of the blades themselves. I look for a low cost blade for actual use, but don't want to end up with some China junk. This one does not look as suspiciously new as most of the others, so I thought I'd try to check the mei, at least. Any idea on the author here?
  4. I do have blade pics, it actually looks nice, which is why I'm trying to have a sort of review on the mei.
  5. Hello. I got this tsuba along with a project blade I bought. I know finding the maker may be a long shot, but would like to try it. Hopefully someone can read it and help me transliterate? thank you!
  6. Hello, I saw this sword on sale, and I'm not sure of the seller's trustiness. If possible, can anyone identify this mei? Thank you! (sorry, this is the only mei ing I have, I hope it is good enough)
  7. Thank you, Ray & Steve! It's not me then =P I considered the possibility, not just from the mei. The tachi is nicely built, but the hada is suspicious, very much like the 'damascus' swords sold in China, the grain too bold to be Japanese... Thank you for your time and knowledge, guys!
  8. Hello, forumers I got this tachi in my shop for cleanup, and I am very curious about the mei - with my very limited Japanese capabilities, this does not seem like a name. Maybe a 'revival' sword from the 1700's? Please your thoughts on this. The mei is difficult to read from any photos I took, so I copied the kanji for you as best as I could. My best guess would be 元文正土へ立 which either I don't understand, or is not a normal mei - seems odd...
  9. Thank you, Peter! Masatsune Amaike, sometimes recorded as Amachi, is a Seki tosho alright, although later moved to work on gendaito, this particular one is Seki sealed, so probably an earlier work. I appreciate the help, once I get a 'readable' name my research is much easier.
  10. Hello, forumers Again seeking your assistance to help me read a sword signature. This one bears a Seki armory seal, so it's most likely a 'showato', but its manufacture is really beautiful. I'm sorry for the diagonal pic, at this point it's the only one I can provide, since the sword itself has not arrived yet. I'll appreciate your help with the transliteration and pronunciation of the mei. Thank you!
  11. Godd point, Steve, thank you. Did not look closely enough. Will keep searching then.
  12. Aha. ALWAYS count on Markus Sesko to know: Shigehiro, Showa (1926-1989), Gifu. Civilian name Ido Yusaku, born October 16, 1916, worked as a gunto smith. A showato it is, then. Thank you all for your great help!
  13. Thank you, Steve! No Shigehiro in Seki, that I can find. Now, Seki saw a LOT of swordsmiths come through, not sure if there is a comprehensive list. Tosho aside, Seki made only Manchurian steel swords, right? No actual tamahagane pieces came from there? Maybe I should stop whishfully looking for a Gendai Tosho here =)
  14. Thank you, Tom! The only Ujihiro I have references for is from Hizen Tadayoshi school (1600's), nothing to do with this. Can someone recommend some index or source for showa/gunto swordsmiths?
  15. Maybe. There's apparently no yokote, but cannot tell now if it's how it was made or if it was ruined by a bad polish. I've seen several Seki, Manchurian steel swords that omitted a yokote. Not sure I've ever seen a gendaito shaped like this. But I'm not big on gunto, so...
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