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  1. Brian, I should clarify, I am personal friends with Stephan Fowler, J.S. (FowlerBlades). His table is 4R and I help him during the show. I got interested in collecting blades through my (amateur hobby) company I own, RzrRestoration. I like restoring old straight razors and I sell Stephans lower end bushcrafting/hunter knives on my website. I am by no means a professional and am doing my best to use him as a mentor of sorts. I must clarify for personal pride here to the forum....I do not intend or by any means "want to" or "desire to" restore any Japanese items through my company. I am hoping to start my collecting through guidance and studying. The shaving razors have always been a personal quest to find and restore, that is it. Thanks for all your guys help so far. If any of you are in GA or would like to PM any other book suggestions, I am getting started on knocking my way through this websites recommended list. - Wes
  2. Here is the best picture I could take with my camera in natural light. Thanks for the assistance all!
  3. Hey all, I joined a few days ago and wanted to say thanks for all the help and education so far. I just ordered a few of the books listed on here and would love more suggestions. I am in Ga and if any of you will be at Blade in Atl next month, I will be hanging out with a buddy at Table 4R. Would love to meet you guys and thanks again for the newbie advice. Thanks, - Wes
  4. I will take another picture tonight when I am off work. Thank you for helping.
  5. Thanks Bruce, I posted this sword in that thread about an hour ago! Also if theres a link to try and find it myself I would love to try!
  6. Shamsy, Thanks for the help. I got a lifetime of reading in front of me.
  7. Shamsy, I just ordered three of the books on this forums beginners list. I had a question about the WW2 Saya.. What this type more of a army or naval carried one? Thanks for all your help. -Wes
  8. For solely personal knowledge, I am requesting help identifying this Kanji. I also read the sticky on this category and it mentioned trying to do it yourself and to check the link page. I am new and a little lost trying to use the link page, can anyone point me where to start trying myself and see if I can do it?
  9. Attached is the best vertical picture I could take of the marks.
  10. Shamsy, thank you for the additional info! No cleaning has been done by me, I believe the store was using a type of lube on the tang but that was it. I did not thing to the nakago except for oil and wipe with a paper towel for the picture.
  11. I am new to the forum and attempted to read as much as I could before posting. I think I found a Seki stamped WWII sword on the ground in a Antique store this morning and was wondering if anyone can help point me in the right direction? Pieces were all hanging on a board. Pictures are attached to the best my phone could do. Thanks, Wes
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