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  1. Thanks for all the posts from Members. Yes the sarute was broken on one side but still there. I got alot of imformation on this sword that really helped alot. Again thanks. Roger D.
  2. ive attached a few pictures sorry for the double post new to the site still. -Roger
  3. Thanks for the posts. I will get pictures posted as soon as possible. Thanks again for the info
  4. My brother left me 5 samurai swords when he passed away a few years back. In the 5 was a Copper hilt NCO type 95 in excellent shape blade as well as scabbard. The blade as well as the scabbard has the # 71 on them. As research i have done this is a very low # as only 6500 some were produced. The tsuba is brass and the original leather sarute is there. The scabbard is painted OD green and has the brass plug.and has about 95 % of the finish. The blade has a mirror finish with no pitting or wear marks. The hilt has no screws in it as some later models have. Just wondering about value. I will post pictures as soon as i can. There was an officers type 98 that is in great shape, small amount of piting on blade but not bad. Dont know much about the other three but are very old blades. I alco have 2 Japanese dirks. Any info would be appericated. I know not much can be done until pictures can be posted. Thank you so much Roger
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