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  1. Hi everybody Thanks for all te replies! This gave me a good overview about everything. I'm not in a hurry so i will look into everything, thanks for all the tips. How is it possible to import a real sword into Belgium then? Thank you, i will look into this, you never know that i will find something that suits me. So if the word sword or weapon would be on the package, it wouldn't be allowed in to the country i guess? PM send, thanks! Thanks again! Kind regards Olivier A.
  2. Hi everybody I would like to know some experiences from people in Belgium and close countries (Germany, Holland, France, UK,...), when they imported a sword from Japan. I'm interested in buying a sword from a very known online seller in Japan (AOI). But i'm not certain about importing. How long will it take until the sword gets here, are we speaking about weeks or months? Did someone never received their sword, do you always have to pay customs fees, what if customs don't allow it? And then specifically for Belgium. Do i have do to any registration/paperwork before importing a sword into the country? Or where can i find this information? I know it's a lot of questions, but i would really like to know. Because this is something i've never done before and it's something that i'm not so certain about, if everything will work out. Thanks in advance, with kind regards Olivier A. And a happy new year to everyone here!
  3. Hello everyone Is he still active this day? If yes, does anyone has his contactinformation? It would help me a lot! Thanks and kind regards Olivier A.
  4. Ok, thanks again everyone!!! i'll see how high the bidding goes
  5. Hi it's me again. I've allready asked the forum something like this before. Personally i think it's legit but as a novice i'm not 100% sure. But i would really know you guys opinion on this one! So what do you think, is it an antique nihonto or just another fake or not so old sword? It has some wear and tear, but i don't really mind becuase the estimationprice is around €750/$835. It's another sword on an auctionsite that i'm interested in, here are some pictures: I can give more pics if needed. Thanks and many regards!!! :D
  6. I don't know if it's my Pc or not, but none of the URL's are working
  7. It's sold for €750/$843.
  8. So my thoughts where right Thanks for all the reply's!
  9. Hi all My question is with this item where i'm interested in, is it legit or not? My guts say it's fake because of the smooth rust ont the nakago, there is not a lot of color variation on it but i'm not sure. Also the hamon looks very weird to me, I also don't see any hada or is it just me? And is there anyone who can tell me what the mei says? The item is offerd on an auction here in Belgium and it is also available for other countries here in Europe so I cannot give you better pictures of the hamon but i can of the nakago. The seller says it's from the 18th century and that it is genuine and not a copy of China, so that makes it more suspicious for me... Thanks and regards!
  10. Thanks for the info, but i don't have it anymore.
  11. Thanks for your opinions! So i'm gonna get rid of it ... Next time if I want to buy something, i'll ask you guys about it!
  12. Hello everyone, As I said in my introduction here are the pictures from my kabuto. And I would like to know you're thoughts about it, if it's genuine or a replica, fake or movie-prop from in the 1930's perhaps and if it's from the edo-period. I bought it on a European auctionsite, it was advertised as a rare middle-late Edo-period Kabuto. The estimated price was €300-€500, that's about $340-$560. Somewhere i have some doubts because i'm new to this and of the damage, the green color doesn't seem really old to me. Thanks!
  13. Hey everyone My name is Olivier Allemeersch and i'm almost 22 years now. I live in Bruges in Belgium, a small city but it's nice. Since i was about 16years old i grow a big interst in Japanese culture and so i found more about samurai and nihonto. And now most of my interest go to nihonto. I don't own any nihonto (yet), because i'm a student and my budget doesn't allow that. But i do own a simple iron (edo-period) wakizashi tsuba and a (edo-period) kabuto. At least i hope it's a real one. I will post pictures of the kabuto tomorow with the question to you guys if it's genuine, becuase it's damaged and i have some doubts. Another big hobby of mine is keeping a saltwataquarium, I only keep corals and no fish, I did that with my previous aquarium though. In september i will start a class to learn Japanese and soon i wil try out the art of Kendo, I know it's a bit late to start that but my previous studies didn'nt allow me to do that. So better late than never I say! I hope I will find much information here and learn a bunch of things from you guys! And mayby i will find me a nice nihonto here haha
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