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  1. Gosh.. I am glad no damage occurred. Jason
  2. Wow.That's really amazing kabuto. Thanks david. I just thought in the same ways as Lingoberry did before your reply.I joined the group already and I will closely keep my eyes on. What an amazing info to know. I want your stand although I don't have a kabuto yet!!!!
  3. Thans a lot guys. I will just pass it. This unsual-ness indicates me that it would more likely be a post period fabrication to fool unexprienced collectors I guess. hmn. I want a nice kabuto so much at an affordable price which I think under 3k is reasonable at my level but it's not an easy task .....
  4. Hi gents I just came a cross with this beautiful zunari kabuto but the wakidate seems attached permanantely. Is this right feature or some sort of post-period modifications by wrongful collectors or dealers? I like the look of the horns a lot seriousely but somehow this zunari kabutoas a whole seems to be out of " one looker" and shikoro color is also different from the crown. Can I get some of ideas from you experts? It's quite really hard to study katchu without any actual mono in my hands so I am ready to get one but is this right kabuto to buy? Price is about 2k. Thanks for reading. Regards, Jason C
  5. wow. Thanks a lot guys for sharing amazing findings:) I have been able to find so many useful WWII old books at there from time to time before. Surfson. If this can help you. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Archive Jason C
  6. gauze3539

    Real Or Fake?

    The tsuba looks absolutely horrible. I mean just nakago ana tells everything and how come people can bid close to 1k without even knowing the basic of the basic. That's all their hard earned money at some point............. sad. Jason C
  7. I joined it today Ian. Thanks. Jason C
  8. Thank you very much for all of you guys and I got really amazing replies from all of you. I guess someone wants to have wearable armor and very good looking one that’s probably why. I know with 35K, I can get very very nice original jidai armor but that doesn’t satisfy the wearability if one weigh more on to that. I’d like to have an original armor as collector but at the same time I’d like to have mordern armor for wearability. Would Showa armor can be worn? Btw, Dave. Are you David Thatcher? Jason
  9. Thank you very much the explanation Guido and Ian. Oh wow the spray paint sounds too bad at that price point. I thought at least their highest level would do with urushi. Now I understand it’s “reenactment armor” that’s far away from real tradition. That’s the answer I wanted to know. It’s my dream to own nice white horse in my later life and marutake’s armor might be a good fit to have at the time.
  10. Is there anyone know what’s the real quality about their high end line of armor? Does it pose quality as war time level like sengoku jidai armor in terms if materials and durability. Or does it merely have decorations without real durability as armor? TheIr promotional video shows iron plate that doesn’t look like strong as real armor at all. (Not sure whether the plate I have seen is for their lower level armors or highest level ones) Their Otomo Sorin’s O yoroi looks amazing but it goes about $35000 and that is a lot of money for reproducion. My question is if they are really worth the money in terms of the quality besides on merits of collecting real antique armors. Or it’s much better off collecting real period armor with the money? Also, people at Marutake can be consider as real serious mordern Katchu-shi or they are merely people at commercial in your opinion? It would be appreciate any input regarding their armor. Thanks all. Jason C
  11. Adam. The nakago shape is off as if a long tachi has been cut down to that and he tried to make up the nakago and jiri. It seem kawagane is still one nakago so makes nakago look fatty. Just my 2 cents.
  12. Adam. I am Jason and I am also a begniner being about 3 years now. For you, it's absolutely the time to invest books. I beleive you have been building for your own interest and knowledges thru internet but that is very limted and the idea would be clustered. With books and swords on your hands, you are now finally be ready to be a Japanese sword student. As of now, I see myself it's going to be a really the long way to go to be good level of understanding the whole of it. However, without books, it is basically impossible to go further. I am sure you can get good books list around here and there are links on this forum.
  13. This is definately not a Chinese. By just looking at the nakago, it has been used for much of its own purpose at battles or duals and the time has just passed away along with it. That alone indicates it's genuine Japanese sword. Modern Chinese made should be impossible to produce such effect on nakago by intention. The sugata seems to me is a shinto but frankly the nakago color looks like late shinshinto Jason C
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