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  1. Welcome Melissa, nice to have a fellow soldier here aboard. I had a sword on my wishlist one year and of course didn't get one For some reason they just didn't think a young lady would need one :lol: Sounds like you have a nice start.
  2. Hello all, Been lurking for a while and finally decided to register. I like old historical weapons as I have some old firearms. I had interest in the sword in general my whole life but in the Japanese sword within the last couple years when I got back into martial arts. I have several modern production katana but no nihonto. My interest grew when I ended up with a ww2 Japanese Nco sword. I was at the Minneapolis show in October as its not that far of a drive and it was wonderful to see so many nice swords in one room. A couple did want to come home with me :lol: It was nice to talk to the different people and I thank them for putting up with a complete newbie :lol: Maybe someday I will own a nihonto but for now I shall read and absorb the vast knowledge here on board. nico
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