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  1. Looks to me like the oshigata you posted is pretty damn close, maybe a different point in his career. Although a different Kuni and what not to me it feels like done by same hand. Doug
  2. I think real same, by the look and the way you see the nodules flake by the mekugi. I love the hamon and the kissaki, definitely forged, steel color feels older than gendaito so I echo Ed’s assessment, no matter I think your absolutely fine at that price, can’t wait to see pictures! Doug
  3. Do you guys have any concern about this possibly being saiba? I say this because of of what appears to my eyes to be drying fire scale /tone on the nakago and the already mentioned highly unusual hamon appearance for this school. Additionally the habuchi for me just has that “thin” appearance that I associate with retemper. Admittedly I am looking at these pics on my phone, maybe looks different on larger screen, it would be nice to see the hamachi and boshi better. Doug
  4. Guys, much more damage than we realize here. Luckily, I’m in the market for unsightly blades such as this, perhaps you’d like to sell this quickly before it gets any worse ! Ha, Nice blade, Doug
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-old-Japanese-Samurai-Sword-with-Sharkskin-Handle/224132347896?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144 I’m just guessing someone here talked the seller into cancelling, guess my offer wasn’t enticing enough. Nice mokumegane guri bori tsuba style of Okitsugu, well done mon fuchi, and what must be a pretty decent blade. If indeed anyone here let us know what you find if you would....it’s the least you can do. Doug
  6. I may have a few swords that fits this description. While some of the earlier swords were indeed quite expensive, the last one referenced was about 6400USD unless I’m mistaken. Given that, I’m wondering what you are thinking of price range wise for a zaimei 75cm sword in original koshirae? EDIT: I realize I mistakenly thought JP was the OP, I apologize for the confusion. Doug
  7. What a great topic Peter, thank you for bringing it up. I’ve always been fascinated with the use of Western motifs in Japanese Art and, in the case of the current topic, actually repurposing. I found this image sorry if its been posted already or alluded to but the fact that nudes being used and rendering in this way leaves no doubt in my mind that this went on. Doug
  8. Hey guys, Doug here, just thought I would jump into the fray. Interesting topic to talk about, even if, as said it has been addressed often. Intuitively, it would seem wrong to exclude a sword as being a true nihonto because it is not comprised of tamahaganae. If this were true, then would'nt we have to disqualify Hizen Yukihiro's swords forged with orando-tetsu or " Holland steel"? I'd tend not to think so. Also I found a cool link that many of you may have already read about Masahide and his use of the "barbarian iron"...a nice read. I'm not coming down hard either way, just think it is a fun topic to banty about. Heres the link: http://www.k3.dion.ne.jp/~j-gunto/gunto_146.htm
  9. Shan, I dont think it is suriage. My guess based on shape and hamon is that this is a Koto Mino wakizashi that someone did an aggressive nakago cleaning on at some point. At first blush I was thinking Shin-shinto but again the shape and the fact that it seems excessively tired or polished down for that recent vintage. Just my guess on what you confess are marginalimages. Hope my .02 was useful, if most probably incorrect :D . Doug
  10. Hard to tell in the pics but almost seems more of an ikubi kissaki as the mihaba seems to be fairly consistent throughout the blade. Also the boshi seems to be almost komaru sagari or yakitsume. It would be interesting to have a squared up pic of the kissaki and the exact blade measurements to add to the discussion. I like the activity and the steel color, the health aside I am curious as to what would rule this out for being Shinto (or older?). It seems swords of all eras were shortened in a variety of ways for an equal variety of reasons so I think it can be hard to say sometimes without multiple experienced eyes seeing the piece in hand to say. Pics of the bottom two ana might be useful along with a nakago mune shot that might show cues to original lengths. Looks like a great sword to me! Thanks for sharing. Doug
  11. Nice weld indeed! Something that makes me wonder if perhaps the point is moot with regard to the Yamashiro sword is that it would appear to me that the hamon rounds off the nakago past the hamachi making me wonder if the blade is perhaps saiba. That and the nioiguchi seems to be unusually thin and "lifeless". A fire might explain the some of the nakago distortion. I considered that maybe the blade wasn't o-suriage but only slightly suriage with multiple ana but at 66cm it would seem unlikely for the purported jidai. Perhaps a better pic of the hamachi might clarify this (not so close this time! :D )Just my musings! Doug
  12. Hey gang, just my two cents. I don't know if I am the only one to notice this but the hamon seems to have a yakidashi and a long one at that, curious I think in a suriage (shortened for those learning the lingo)blade. Also the mei seems a little superficial and sloppy to my eyes. The nakago patina looks good though which leads me to think that maybe this was an altering of a sword by a contemporary of Echizen Sukehiro working in this toran-midare. Just my thoughts, that said the work seems very solid but myself I would be casting an eye toward leaving as is. I think with oil and uchiko it could be made to look very presentable and as it is not being marketed the expense and effort to maintain an art polish don't strike my as being worth it. Just my random thoughts. Robin, thanks for sharing your sword with us by the way, very nice pictures. Doug
  13. Kuni iri on my first kantei bid? Yeah me! OK then, because we now know it's Yamashiro kuni looking at various oshigata I am toggling between Kunihiro and Kunimichi but am going to say Kunihiro. Probably not for a good reason but I think maybe that high quality detailed horimono came from a closer association with Myoju. So that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! C'mon Atari! Thanks Guido! Doug
  14. Hey, just lurking about as usual :D This looks more Shinto to me in sugata and I think I see a good deal of masame in the shinogi so gittin" in my books I am going to go on a limb with my first ever kantei bid of Etchu Masatoshi (shodai). For some reason Kunihiro jumped in my head when I saw this but one guess per customer! Thanks for this excercise by the way, I will try to "lurk less" and be a little more participatory on the board as I understand that is how the knowledge and passion of Nihonto gets into ourselves and others. Doug
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