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  1. Obviously up to Steve or whoever to answer how they wish but i feel he’s given the general flavor of the content and context. I think most would agree that the spirit of a free translation section is to keep requests down to a fairly minimal amount of text. However, I am sympathetic to the desire to have large sections of text translated. Forgive me for not using the search function but has it been discussed where on might go to have a lets say a large detailed older origami or an arms length sayagaki? I believe I’ve heard there are fee-for-service outlets just cant remember if they’ve been discussed. Again, not wanting to make anyone feel bad but just want make sure that we are not abusing what is a very gracious and much appreciated service offered by a few of our valued members. Doug
  2. While i dont envy having to burnish those hi I am jealous of the polisher who got to strip away the years of abuse and bring this back to the world, what anticipation and excitement he must feel to watch those details emerge. Georg, thank you for choosing to restore this treasure and for sharing your journey with us, it has been fascinating to follow. All the best, Doug
  3. Perhaps he’s inebriated. Just an impression i get from looking at his face. Doug
  4. This never made sense to me either given how most swords dont fit random saya very well so using an existing koshirae always seemed strage to me. I could see if a field expedient was needed but surely there were enough craftsman that a new tsuka could be quickly put together in a non emergent situation.
  5. I’m thinking NAGAMORI SAKU but agreed this is a poor gimei. Doug
  6. It looks like a pretty decently forged shin-shinto sword and a legit rig, however the nakago patina feels a little off (cleaned or something?) and the mei looks like it was carved by someone who never held a chisel and feels like it was added (to my eyes anyway). Interesting. Doug
  7. Bruce; for what its worth I think its legit (assuming we can rule out a welded on nakago): The yasurime seem simply too well executed to me and the mei seems to stand up against your examples. Maybe there is a second question regarding the Takanobu tempering attribution. From your pictures it looks like you have an example of one of these as well and although the resolution isn’t great it seems to be pretty close as well. The value of Mantetsu discussion sounds best reserved for those more knowledgeable than me about their history and construction. I reread the thread about the chinese fakes; mei quality still seems quite a ways off but it seems thet are making headway on some of the early geometry issues, scary stuff for sure. If this is in fact gimei than I can see where collecting Taisho/Showa period swords is going to become increasingly challenging. Thanks for bringing this interesting piece for discussion, I havent paid much attention to WW II manufactured swords but this has made me curious to understand more about this and Yasukuni-to, thank you. Doug
  8. Looks to me like the oshigata you posted is pretty damn close, maybe a different point in his career. Although a different Kuni and what not to me it feels like done by same hand. Doug
  9. I think real same, by the look and the way you see the nodules flake by the mekugi. I love the hamon and the kissaki, definitely forged, steel color feels older than gendaito so I echo Ed’s assessment, no matter I think your absolutely fine at that price, can’t wait to see pictures! Doug
  10. Do you guys have any concern about this possibly being saiba? I say this because of of what appears to my eyes to be drying fire scale /tone on the nakago and the already mentioned highly unusual hamon appearance for this school. Additionally the habuchi for me just has that “thin” appearance that I associate with retemper. Admittedly I am looking at these pics on my phone, maybe looks different on larger screen, it would be nice to see the hamachi and boshi better. Doug
  11. Guys, much more damage than we realize here. Luckily, I’m in the market for unsightly blades such as this, perhaps you’d like to sell this quickly before it gets any worse 😆! Ha, Nice blade, Doug
  12. https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-old-Japanese-Samurai-Sword-with-Sharkskin-Handle/224132347896?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144 I’m just guessing someone here talked the seller into cancelling, guess my offer wasn’t enticing enough. Nice mokumegane guri bori tsuba style of Okitsugu, well done mon fuchi, and what must be a pretty decent blade. If indeed anyone here let us know what you find if you would....it’s the least you can do😀. Doug
  13. I may have a few swords that fits this description. While some of the earlier swords were indeed quite expensive, the last one referenced was about 6400USD unless I’m mistaken. Given that, I’m wondering what you are thinking of price range wise for a zaimei 75cm sword in original koshirae? EDIT: I realize I mistakenly thought JP was the OP, I apologize for the confusion. Doug
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