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  1. Hi there, I sent you a PM as stated. It is still available. Please check your inbox; it's the little letter looking icon in the upper left of the bar under "NIHONTO MESSAGE BOARD" and next to your user name.
  2. Sorry for the delay; It's here. I will PM you. It is still available.
  3. Still available. Please note the prices on their page: https://www.takehiko.co.jp/?mode=f7
  4. 50s or so vintage. Excellent condition, handmade sterling silver. Comes with book of authenticity, in original glass and wood container with cloth stand. Asking 250 shipped in the continental United States. Price includes insurance. These go for much, much more purchased directly from Takehiko.
  5. Thanks for the input. Anyone like to hazard a guess at school or time period?
  6. Very great discussion here. I think we can reach a consenus at least in that it is a sort of a naoshi, old, and probably worth a proper shinsa.
  7. That’s all pretty great info. Not sure where all it leads us at this point though.
  8. Also y'all are correct; the boshi does not turn back. I apologize, my lighting was insufficient and I thought I saw something I didn't. All discussion and pointing out of stuff is very much welcome to me. I'm still only a little bit into learning so I have a long ways to go.
  9. I would very much agree that what is now the nakago was at one point part of the blade; positioning of the hi as you state seems to indicate this to me, as it goes well below the habaki. I wonder if it was a blade damaged or broken at some point, and but the upper portion of a fairly longer blade salvaged or similar. To my eyes (please feel free to comment if you see differently) it looks koto to me rather than a stylish Edo naoshi. In addition, despite the sayagaki saying Rai it seems *to me* (and to a few others who have looked at it) to look very Naminohira. The shape of it does to my eyes look like a partial Kamakura naginata, although obviously cut down and/or modified. Thoughts?
  10. Not sure of any modification as it's a pretty old blade by mine and a few others estimation. The boshi does turn back as normal, it's just not particularly visible in the pictures. You can somewhat see it in the middle picture of the second post, top line of pictures.
  11. A few more pictures. Sayagaki says Rai, but written by unknown so I don't take it into account.
  12. Recently purchased, presented for your enjoyment.
  13. Rented it and watched it today. I thought it was phenomenal. The "filler" you mention is really only filler from an already-educated person's perspective. Otherwise it's "education."
  14. Thanks for posting that. I was coming here today to do so. Here’s to hoping it’s decent.
  15. Short update; Gravitas Ventures has purchased the rights to the film and it is slated for open worldwide video on demand, Blu-ray, and dvd release on July 31, 2018. They did a press release today.
  16. It absolutely is. I have had it only a short time but have thoroughly enjoyed studying it. My aim is to pass on the good savings that were given to me by a fellow NMB member so another member here can study it as well. I think you will enjoy this blade!
  17. Hello all! Up for your consideration is an excellent quality and condition Wakizashi by the Nio / Nioh school. Highly underrated in my opinion. Purchased from J Reid here on NMB and I have enjoyed studying it. It is signed Nio Kiyotsugu and I agree with J Reid’s assessment of it being Muromachi. I will ask him to chime in with measurements if he has them as I don’t know them offhand. Failing that I will take some Monday. Pictures are from his original listing. Yours for the same price I paid; 720USD. Price does not include shipping or insurance which will be calculated on a per buyer basis. I will not make a single dollar on this and will be including one of my own sword bags. Comes with shirasaya, a nice habaki, and a sword bag. A fantastic entry level priced piece for the collector, enthusiast, or student. Please PM me if interested!
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