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  1. So, out of curiousity sake, and I know this is a very wide ranging question, but roughly what do suits of armor go for these days? Low end, mid grade, and high quality of course that would be fine if you wish to divide them up, more knowledge is always better.
  2. It's awesome, great work on it and nice work leaving a little extra space for the glass.
  3. What a simple and beautiful way to display your armor. I very like what you have done. Do you have a hidden latch/hinge somewhere to be able to open it if you so desire? I do not have a suit of armor but one day I intend to get one, and if/when I do I will likely do something very much like this.
  4. Excellent, question answered. SOMETHING was rubbing me wrong there, besides the high prices. Thank you!
  5. I tried to contact them through their contact info and repeatedly get an error, they had an item I was curious about.
  6. That's precisely what I was thinking when I was looking at these offerings.
  7. Seem to have a large number of auctions...their pictures suck. http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.d ... =54&page=1
  8. I will be happy to take some when I get home tomorrow. It is not in good shape, it has been sitting in a closet neglected for probably the better part of 25 years. At some point in time it also appears that a sharpening job was attempted using who knows what methods, as the edge of the blade shows friction (a VERY small amount) that reminds me of sand paper grating. I do believe it is something that could be removed with some elbow grease and proper techniques but it is present.
  9. Can anyone translate this, and identify it as legit or fake looking? I'm sorry the pics are not better, the signature is under a bit of corrosion so this was the best I could get off the bat. Disclaimer: This is not my blade, this is a blade of someone I know who asked me to ask you guys about it. He seems to believe it is a blade from somewhere in the early 1900s.
  10. thank you all for the info and the great pics. No worry about the derailment, I was just teasing you all.
  11. So as I said before you all made me incredibly jealous...where can I get one?
  12. Do any of these ever show up for sale (particularly that can be positively identified)? I think they would be something really really neat to have. In particular I really like Gunbai (and all the myriad spellings of it).
  13. Is there a "quick and dirty" approach to determining whether a WW2 sword is an actual WW2 Japanese blade or just a chinese or other manufacturer knock off? What should I be looking for in each?
  14. md02geist

    Armor Book

    I wanted to get that Trevor Absolon book but it seems to be on hold at the moment.
  15. md02geist

    Armor Book

    Hello all, Can anyone make some recommendations of some good armor books that I may use to begin studying Japanese armor throughout the various eras? One with lots and lots of good pictures would be great -- I am an extremely visual learner. Also a book or books that aren't going to cost me hundreds of dollars to obtain copies of would also be good. I would like to start slowly. Thank you!
  16. Agreed. Anyone else have any comments on the blades?
  17. Nice, I have been looking for something like this. Where can one buy it new? I checked amazon and it seems there is only one used copy, listed at 120.00 USD.
  18. I believe you are right. I very much like the idea of a tsuba designed after such a thing!
  19. Wasn't able to find much on chohan but it certainly looks a lot like that gong doesn't it.
  20. Here is a closeup of the wakisazhi nakago. I was told the waki was "14 and 13/16" long" and told about nakago "length 5 1/8 inch long, width at ha-machi 1 inch." Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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