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  1. Hi Gents I recently picked up this little tsuba. The iron is excellent but it has a kanji symbol im not familiar with. Could anyone be able to tell me what it says? Looks rather large to be a mei. Thanks in advance. Gethin
  2. Hi all I am selling 5 of my shin gunto koshirae to fund other projects. I think they would be of some interest to the ww2 era collectors and 4 out of the 5 have family mons. the brief descriptions are as follows but if anyone would like more photos of a particular koshirae then PM me and I will get back to you. price is £550 each plus S/H Koshirae A :- Early Type 98 with a large thick type pierced tsuba and clasped hands sarute. this koshirae doesn't bear a family mon. Some paint chips and wear evident to the saya. Saya length - 71cm Tsuka length 24cm. Koshirae B :- Type 98 with a solid plate tsuba (almost all gilding intact). Bearing a family mon of "Maru Ni Kajinoha" (similar to a mulberry leaf) this mon has traces of gold gilding left within it. The saya is an aluminium , lightweight version and some paint loss is evident. Saya length is 73.5cm Tsuka length is 25cm. Koshirae C :- Type 98 with a pierced tsuba . Bearing a family mon of "Maru Ni Chiga Ya" (crossed arrow flights) . This one also has a clasped hands sarute. It does have its original blue/brown tassle but unfortunaly is cut and shows wear and appears to have a couple of seppa missing. The saya shows some paint loss and scratches. Saya length is 76cm Tsuka length is 26cm. Koshirae D :- Type 98 with a Pierced tsuba . Bearing a family mon of crossed feathers or "Takaha" . The saya is lighter brown in colour and is in very good condition.. Saya length is 73.5cm Tsuka length is 24cm. Koshirae E :- Type 98 with a solid plate tsuba . Bearing an unidentified kanji type mon. The saya in very good condition and this one also has a clasped hands sarute . Saya length is 75cm Tsuka length is 25.5cm. Thanks for looking Gethin
  3. Excellent! Thank you very much! Gethin
  4. Hi Gents I picked a little tanto a while back and was wondering if someone could assist me in the translation of the mei. I've got to the maker which i believe is Akita kanehiro but the rest im struggling on. Any help would be most appreciated. Gethin
  5. Thank you very much sir. Much appreciated. Gethin
  6. Hi all. I recently purchased a gendai kogatana from Japan with what I believe is the original paperwork for it. It contains the word NASA in amongst the kanji so I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to provide a translation. Many thanks Gethin
  7. Thank you very much for your help! I'm most appreciative! I will do some research and try to find out who the smith is. Gethin
  8. Hi Gents I recently acquired a gendai tsuba and was wondering if anyone could translate the mei for me. I cant make out tge characters very well as they are pretty small. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Gethin
  9. Hi All! Thought I'd show my collection of gunto with mon. Some of them are more well known and others that I cant find anywhere to try and research them. Hope you like them as much as I do. Gethin
  10. Hi Jesse Thanks for your reply. I've contacted Grey regarding the book and unfortunately he is unable to locate the book also. Gethin
  11. Loving this thread! does anyone have any pictures of Horii Nobuhide and Ikkansai Kunimori by any chance? Thanks in advance. Gethin
  12. Hi Gents I'm looking for the book on the Horii family of swordsmiths titled Enishi: Katanakaji Horii Ke Hyaku Go Ju Nen no Rekishi. I've been looking for it for a while but to no avail. If any of the members know where I could locate a copy with a possible translation then I'd be most appreciative. Thanks again. Gethin
  13. Hi Everyone I've been a member on here before but I had difficulty logging in with my old account so I've started afresh. My Name is Gethin and I'm from south wales in the UK. a number of the members from the UK should know me as I've been collecting mainly Tsuba for the last 20 years but also have a number of blades. Look forward to continuing to learn from the more experienced members. Thanks again Gethin
  14. Thanks gentlemen. Much appreciated! Gethin
  15. Hi gents Can anyone identify this kao and mei. I think it says Hiromichi but I'm not 100% on it and cant find any info so I may be reading it incorrectly. Thanks in advance. Gethin
  16. Hi gents. I'm not sure if this is in the correct category and my apologies if it isn't. I recently purchased "Nobuiye Tsuba" by Iida and was wondering where to get a translation of it in to English. I know the translation has been done because I've seen the book for sale with the English translation. However, I only have the original in Japanese text. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Gethin
  17. Hi guys Looking for a tanto fuchi like this one to finish a daisho project I have. I've seen similar sets papered to umetada school. If anyone comes across one, let me know. Thanks Gethin
  18. Hi guys. I thought it would be a long shot but it was worth asking. Both blades are exact scale of larger daisho and display both hamon and hada. Really well made little things.
  19. Hi all. An absolute long shot I know but, I'm in the process of mounting a pair of boys day sword blades. I was wondering if anyone has anything in the way of daisho fuchi or small menuki that would fit. Thanks Gethin
  20. Hi gents I was wondering if anyone could identify these mon and the possible families that used them. I've had them for years and had no luck identifying them. I'd greatly appreciate any help you could give. Thanks in advance everyone. Gethin
  21. Thank you for your help gents! Much appreciated
  22. Hi guys. I picked up this little habaki recently and it has an inscription on one side. I can make out the date which I think is August 1928 but the rest has got me a bit stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Gethin
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