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Ted Tenold

Nanban Daisho Tsuba Set? Why, yes! Yes it is.

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A very uncommonly encountered Daisho set of Nanban tsuba in very good condition. Matched pair in design with deep sculpting and under-cutting. Extensive gold nunome on both and some silver nunome on the seppadai of the dai tsuba. Additionally, both have matching shakudo frames in the kogai and kozuka hitsuana. 


The set is unpapered, but worthy of submission to shinsa as a daisho set. 


Measurements are:

Dai 8.05 cm x 7.4 cm x .6 cm

Sho 7.55 cm x 6.95 cm x .6 cm


Offered here on NMB at a special price of $750.00 USD plus shipping


A quite reasonable price and a donation will be made to NMB upon sale.


The pair will remain offered here until June 19th, afterwhich, if unsold they will be listed on my website. 


International buyers; please be aware of your taxes, duties, and fees. The items will be documented to customs with full, accurate, and appropriate declaration, so please know this in advance and resist the urge to request otherwise. 


**Admins** Please rotate each of the images 90 clockwise.  I can almost hear necks cracking the world around.  :-) 













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