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Pottery Sale Continued - Two Fantastic Chawan

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Good afternoon NMB, 


More pieces on offer today in the form of two very fine tea bowls.


First up is a Setoguro example by the 12th head of the Mainline Kato family, Kageaki, who's ancestors founded the first Mino kilns back in the late 1500s.


A prototypical example of the style and sublimely executed, the form is strong yet graceful with sweeping curves, not a bad line in sight and a characteristic low profile foot. It features an a absolutely beautifully done kintsugi repair that appears to have been from when the bowl was made.  It is also fully functional having done it's job and the bowl is watertight when used. 


Measures 13 x 8cm and comes with original signed box. 



The second is a breathtaking Iga Ware kutsugata bowl by renowned veteran Kenji Kojima.  As good as any in the contemporary field of Iga potters, he doesn't make a large number of works and his exhibitions always sell out.  


This chawan is thrown with confidence in line with his master status and the firing effects from the week plus woodifiring are truly inspiring.  Flowing trails of green, gold, blue and gray from the vitrified pine ash wrap around the body in all the right places and pool in multiple spots to form coveted "dragonfly eyes".  A galaxy of depth and color adorn the interior.  An incredibly powerful piece in every regard, a true masterpiece of the style. 


14.4 x 8.1cm, in perfect condition with its original box, cloth and paperwork.


I'm pricing these at $250 each shipped to the USA (will consider a package deal if you're interested in both). International buyers please contact for me for a shipping quote. 


Please let me know if you need additional pics or have any questions.  Thanks for looking!






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