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Japan Trip Pottery Sale Part One

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Good afternoon NMB, 


Just when I thought I was done selling, the wife and I decided to pull the trigger on our first trip to Japan.  As a result I'm trimming even further to have as much fun money as possible for the adventure.  


I'm tentatively labeling this as part one, there may be more to come at a later date depending on how these go along with things I have listed for my other hobbies. 


I'll include a main picture of each item on this initial post and then photo dump below due to file size restrictions. 



First up is a Shino chawan by Kato Kageaki, the 12th head of the mainline Kato family who founded the first Mino kilns in the late 1500's.


Their lineage and history is on full display here and it's everything you could want from a tea bowl of the style - thickly potted with generous dimensions, a beautiful milky glaze that stays white and does not lean pink like many modern Shino wares do.  The motif of pine trees is expertly brushed and peeks through the glaze to beautiful effect. 


Measures 13.4cm at it's widest point on the hip and 8.7cm tall.  In perfect condition with its original signed box, cloth and paperwork.


$220 shipped to the USA, international buyers please contact me for a quote.



Next, a sublime black Raku guinomi by one of the hottest up and comers working in the style, Satoru Omae.  


I've tried to capture it as best as possible, but the depth and nuance to this piece is truly something to behold.  A fantastic display of the texture and color variation that made Koetsu's work so avant garde at the time, yet so classic when reflected on today.  99% of contemporary black Raku works come off as sterile and plastic, this is the 1%.  A drizzly, autumnal vibe that can be felt before you even pick it up - a superb achievement.


8cm wide by 6cm tall, in perfect condition with its original signed box, cloth and paperwork.


$180 shipped to the USA, international buyers please contact me for a quote.



Moving on we have yet another different vessel type - for my money, nothing beats the unglazed wares of Bizen for a flower vase, and the classic form and colors of this hanging variant by Suehiro Koyama are a perfect example of why. 


This take on the tabimakura, or travelers pillow shape popular among unglazed wares has a cheerful yet unassuming vibe that beautifully compliments flowers without overpowering them.  The same can be said for the rustic tones characteristic of Bizen, accented by a stunning orange flash front and center that gives the piece depth and life. 


Measures 14cm tall by 10cm wide in excellent condition with its original signed box and paperwork.


$120 shipped to the USA, international buyers please contact me for a quote.



The last one for today is a very unique antique Oribe piece, a mukozuke (serving dish) in the form of a bracken or fiddlehead fern.


I've yet to come across another of this form and the design has always been a favorite of mine as a sign of spring (not to mention a tasty seasonal delicacy). It's draped in a classic blue/green glaze characteristic of style and the white base has a lovely crackle.  One side is adorned with an iron brushed design of hanging persimmon, another Oribe classic. 


Likely a late Edo revival piece but exceptionally well executed with the charisma of the original wares. 


Measures 18cm long by 4cm high.  Note that the foot on the "stem" has a piece missing from the center as shown, however it still sits perfectly level and judging by the clay patina, it appears to have happened either when fired or very early on in its life. Being an antique piece this does not come with a box, and being a humble table ware it's highly unlikely it was made with one originally.


$160 shipped to the USA, international buyers please contact me for a quote.



I'm happy entertain offers on multiple pieces and can combine shipping of course.  Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional pics and I'd be happy to help.


Thanks for looking! 👺🙏






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