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A Stunning Shigaraki Mizusashi by Meg Beaudoin

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This is an absolutely fantastic water jar by one of the most talented western potters to take up the style. This piece in particular is very special having been made of Shigaraki clay, fired once in Japan for six days and again for three days when it returned to the US. 


Meg has been a pillar of the Women who Woodfire movement and has a natural gift for the process.  Her bold forms and surfaces provide the ideal canvas for the natural molten ash glazes and have a beautifully unassuming and natural quality to them.


For more info on her work, see:








This jar is in perfect condition and measures 5" x 6.25".  Like most western works, this does not come with a box and at some point that becomes a good thing, God knows I'm running out of room for them!


I've been friends with Meg for a few years and got this piece for a steal as a result.  I'm paying that forward here and dropping it even further at $200 shipped to the USA, international buyers please contact me for a quote.


Please let me know if you have any questions, thanks for looking!


Beaudoin8-21 81.jpg

Beaudoin8-21 77.jpg

Beaudoin8-21 85.jpg

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