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Wakizashi signed Kanabo Masatsugu


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Wakizashi hirazukuri with unusual bo-hi signed “Nanto-jū Kanabō Hyōe no Jō Masatsugu” (南都住金房兵衛尉政次) in shirasaya.
Hamon is a suguha-based midare with a narrow but bright nioiguchi with sunagashi and a nice nijuba on one side. 
Hada is a standing out itame that shows also a shirake utsuri.
Dimensions are:
Nagasa 39.0cm
Sori 0.8cm
Motohaba 31.3mm
Motokasane 7.2mm

Kanabo school was based in Nara during late Muromachi, they were renowed for being really effective in battle and especially famous for their yari.
According my studies this should be the work of the shodai:

MASATSUGU (政次), Tenbun (天文, 1532-1555), Yamato – “Nanto-jū Kanabō Hyōe no Jō Masatsugu” (南都住金房兵衛尉政次),
 “Nanto Kanabō Hyōe no Jō Masatsugu” (南都金房兵衛尉政次), 
Kanabō school, we know blades from the Tenbun to the Kōji era (弘治, 1555-1558), 
robust sugata with a wide mihaba, a thick kasane, and an elongated kissaki, 
rather standing-out itame mixed with masame and ji-nie, hiro-suguha, 
ko-midare or gunome-midare with compact nioiguchi, in addition ashi and yō, 
some blades show fine and elaborate horimono in the hitsu, chū-saku

There are some small openings and some scratch, but nothing too bothering. On the mune there are several kirikomi.

Please note that i prefer shipping within the EU, shipping outside EU is still possible but might cost extra as i will need to have it shipped from another location.

Additional pictures can be found here: https://drive.google...WMYSOESB?usp=sharing


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