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👉 FOR SALE : Naginata-Naoshi Wakizashi by Fuyuhiro - NBTHK Hozon Token

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Attribued to Fuyuhiro
Period : Late Muromachi
Blade Length : 36,2cm
Motohaba : 2,9cm
Sakihaba : 2,5cm
Motokasane : 0,7cm
Sakikasane : 0,5cm
Weight : 339g
Price for group :  ̶2̶5̶0̶0̶ $2300 + $50 shipping (with Insurance, from Japan)

More and pictures and video available. Don't hesitate to send a message.
Fuyuhiro's lineage is rooted in the Muromachi period, with the swordsmith's family moving to Wakasa province, known today as Wakayama. Fuyuhiro was the son of Soshu Hirotsugu, and his craft was held in high regard, forging blades in both Sagami and Wakasa.

240218_1349_005 (1).jpg

Naginata-NaoshiWakizashibyFuyuhiro (1).png

Naginata-NaoshiWakizashibyFuyuhiro_2 (1).png

3 (8) (1).png

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