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A Magnificent and Brutal Old Iga Mizusashi

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Merry Christmas and happy holidays NMB!


Up for grabs today is a stunning example of Ko-Iga ware displaying all of the features that made the style prized among tea masters.  Likely dating from the early Edo period before the decline of the Iga kilns in the mid 1600's due to shifting aesthetic preferences.


The slouchy yet strong form of this water jar is highlighted by the stark contrast between the the two main sides - the front being where the molten ash deposits have formed a galaxy of activity, and the back which would have laid face down in the kiln and is entirely scorched as a result.


As the maker would have hoped, the weeks that this piece spent in the kiln took it's toll but stopped just short of rendering it unusable.  Exceptionally large stone bursts (ishihaze) have made their way to the surface and many cracks have been left in their wake.  The single most famous Iga mizusashi named Yaburebukuro (burst bag) has similar activity, but was completely split open.  It was then lacquered to seal the gaping cracks and the rest is history.  None of them go all the way through this jar and it does not leak a drop. 


This piece is further accented with a lattice stamp in multiple places, a common decoration among old Iga vessels and it remarkably retains its original lid (tomo buta).  This is a rarity of any water jar with substantial age as they are often damaged and replaced with lacquer lids. 


This jar is heavy and organic and radiates strength in both form and firing like it were ripped straight from the earth.  A truly fantastic example that would be the centerpiece in many a collection.


In the spirit of the season I'm keeping my price low on this - asking $400 shipped to the USA via PayPal F&F only.  I ask that any interested international parties contact me for a shipping quote. 


Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional pics.  Thanks for looking!





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