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Muromachi Uda Hirakuni Katana

Alex A

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Works slow at the moment, hence a few sales. I will be listing an Ishido Teruhide with ww2 mounts separately.


About the Uda Hirakuni. NBTHK Hozen, comes with very good quality shirasaya and nice gold foil habaki with a black shakudo finish.


Dont often see o-suriage mumei Uda Muromachi with an attribution, nice to own.


A very stout and healthy blade, O-suriage so must have been quite an handful when it was first made. When it first arrived it reminded me of a sword from the Nanbokucho period which leads me to think it its either the 1st or 2nd Hirakuni, the good news is there was not many listed, only four Etchu Uda in the Index of Japanese swords by Markus.


For the asking price, there is lots to like about this sword. Lots of activity including bright Ji-nie that stands out, Sunagashi, ashi, Yo, Kinsugi, Nie-Utsuri


The jigane is a very nice Itame with nagare, darkish as you would expect.


Not easy pinning it down to one particular smith. 2nd generation mentions Jin-ie (which does stand out) ko-notare with gunome, so thats where i lean to.


Some info



https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=46IYtI0nkiEC&pg=PA69&lpg=PA69&dq=uda+hirakuni+sesko&source=bl&ots=BRKgWaVUOv&sig=ACfU3U3edAs4uDh3WSwr4GsxfRxlrLWTKg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiJuNP2-pDrAhXztHEKHTfYAAcQ6AEwC3oECAkQAQ#v=onepage&q=uda hirakuni sesko&f=false



SEE DEALER SOLD PAGE FOR BETTER IMAGES https://www.toukenkomachi.com/index_en_tachi&katana_A110819.html


Nagasa 69.69cm

Sori 1.8cm

Moto-habe 3.30 cm (wide)

Saki-haba 2.24cm

Moto-kasane  0.62cm

Saki-Kasane 0.35cm


As mentioned. The blade is healthy without serious kizu, a few small scratches here and there, a couple of spots in the hamon towards the hamachi and a bit of slight loose grain that looks a lot worse in images than it does in hand. I will add the images that i asked the dealer to take with regards to that.




Will add images as i go, camera just packed in so will have use the iphone. Im no use at photography so bare with me, or using iphones for this !. If your on watsapp i can send you more pics or a video maybe.


The pictures with the orange light are the ones the dealer sent to me.























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Ive got 2 blades out, the Koto Uda and a later Edo blade.


Just for comparison, i took pictures of both side by side. I will mention that the Edo Katana is narrow towards the kissaki, reminds me of a tachi.


Anyways, and being honest, the first thought i had when i slid out the Uda was that i was god dam hasty when i dropped the price. Probably the mood i was in.


Ive added photos of the loose hada, again, worse in pics.






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