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Any ideas..


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I have a sword which was brought back right after the war. It was never finished and is in a rough profiled shape. It has a covering of dark rust, but file marks are clearly seen along the entire edge. Someone had polished a window in it at some point, though I can see no activity. Also, it has a bend right were the polisher would have been pressing it against the stone. This makes me wonder if yakiire was never performed on it, though there appears to be remnants of clay both on the blade and in the mekugi ana. Our own Chris Bowen was kind enough to give me some info on it, like the odd looking "Haru" character.


I noticed when looking at the photos there is a small "w" stamped into the blade above and to the right of the mekigi ana, much like where a star stamp or similar would go.


My question is, does anyone know what the "W" indicates or relates too ? Please see attached photo.


If anyone cares to see the rest of the photos, they can be seen here: http://yakiba.com/Kat_Yoshiharu.htm


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Ed - I used to own a Showato with the same W stamp as yours that was signed Hisamichi(nijimei) and dated May, 1945. It came in the remnants of the late 1944 pattern mounts. It was fairly short, about 25 1/2", IIRC, with a second mekugi ana at the butt of the nakago.

There was a W stamp in the standard area for a stamp and also one on the mune.

Never found out what the stamp meant, unfortunately, so no help there but just thought this info might be an extra clue.

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