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  1. Dear All, I came across this mei on an ebay auction. the large rounded strokes appear different from what i usually see, and so i think it might be creative gimei but maybe it is normal for certain smiths. Anyway, thank you for your teachings PS: I do no wish to flood the msg board with ebay links but i would be happpy to share if someone is interested. best Matthieu
  2. Dear All, My wife and I are debating if we should plan to stay over for the night,I was wondering if all of the following were scheduled saturday afternoon: The JSSUS lecture by Grey Doffin The NBTHK AB lecture by Ted Tenold The NBTHK AB lecture on Nobuie by Pete Klein Regards Matthieu
  3. youpi! Just needed to reduce the picture size to be able to attach it. Here's the mei I was asking about. Best Matthieu
  4. Thank you Chris and Grey It was the first time using the index, I figured out the best way to search and I think I found the answer under entry 2380. Thank you for your help and maybe see you next week in Tampa. best regards Matthieu
  5. Dear all, I have a wakisashi with the following mei: 花房備前守源祐国 this should translate into hanabusa bizen no kami no sukekuni. I have searched in the Grey Doffin JSL index but could no find anything. I start to doubt I read it right. I will post pic of the mei as soon as i figure out how. Thank you in advance for your help. Matthieu
  6. Hello all, My name's Matt, i am a chemistry PhD student at University of Florida. A couple year ago I bought a used version of the Japanese sword by Kanzan Sato. Since then i have been studying Nihonto and maybe one day i will be able to start a collection. I will be travelling to Japan in a couple of weeks and hope to see beautiful swords. Thank you for thet message board, it is very useful for beginners like me to find useful informations. best regards Matt
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